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  Created in January 2011, Job in Rwanda is a private held company providing services in the area of online recruitment and advertisement.



Our main mission is to "facilitate the communication between job seekers and employers operating in Rwanda using online technologies". On top of this daily activity, we organise an annual career day event, where the two stakeholders meet in the same place for one-to-one interviews.



  • Job advertising: Job in Rwanda website provides an easy and optimal way of adverting your job vacancies to have high quality of applications. To submit your job posting now, click here
  • Resumes on-demand: Do you want to get the best resumes within 72h? Just fill in our "online request profile form". Your job requirements will be matched to our database containing more than 15,000 profiles. Contact us to submit your request now
  • CVs database search: With employer account, you can use the CVs Search Engine and access to more than 15,000 CVs just using a few key words like engineering, financial expert, audit, english teacher, etc
  • Interviews & selection: Job in Rwanda supports the companies' recruitment process by shortlisting and interviewing candidates for a given position.
  • Banner advertising: Job in Rwanda website offers spaces for advertisement of your products and services. Your banner is displayed on our home page and is viewed by more than 70,000 unique visitors / month. To submit your banner now, click here
  • Video Advertising: You can also advertise your products and services just posting a short video on our website in order to be viewed by thousands of visitors. To post your video now, click here
  • Newsletter Advertising: Job in Rwanda email alerts are sent to more than 15,000 subscribers. An advertisement area is foreseen in this newsletter and can be used to inform our audience about new products and services within your company.