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RwandaOnline Platform Limited is a technology solutions provider that enables services critical to citizens and businesses. With our nation continuously striving to become a “knowledge based” economy as well as its high involvement in the ICT field, RwandaOnline's VISION is to become the catalyst of the transformation of Rwanda through technology. As one of our company Missions,  we have set out to “Build and operate a platform that enables the automated and online provision of services to citizens and businesses”. The company has entered a 25-Year Public Private Partnership with the Government of Rwanda to digitize all Government to Citizen and Government to Businesses services, with 100 services coming online in the next 3 years. Seeking to provide Rwandan Citizens and Businesses an improved interaction with the Government; enabling efficient government service delivery, and pursuing continuous innovation and improvements in eService delivery. What Makes RwandaOnline Platform Limited exciting and unique is that we are a company brimming with talented minds and dedicated staff to support Rwanda into the digital age.

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