Consultant firm to design training materials and deliver a comprehensive training program to District Sector, Cell Councilors and Village committees


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RALGA is a membership organization that brings together local government entities in Rwanda. It has derived its reason for existence from the decentralization process, which is meant to transfer authority, resources, responsibility and accountability from Central to Local Government. The move is within the framework of good political and economic governance as formulated in the long term country’s vision 2020.


Job Title: Hiring a consultant firm to design training materials and deliver a comprehensive training program to District Sector, Cell Councilors and Village committees

Duration: 30 days


One of RALGA's mandates is to build the capacity of its members, in order to be better able to deliver on their respective institutional mandate. RALGA realized that most elected local leaders who have the responsibility of informing local strategic interventions currently need increased accountable local governance capacity to overcome the challenges that were observed in implementing Government programs.

In order to address the accountable governance and decentralization capacity gaps facing local elected leaders, RALGA, through its EU-funded project "Deepening Accountable Local Governance in Rwanda" (DALGOR), would like to train District, Sector, Cell Councilors and Village committees as well as technical staff in the 5 Districts of intervention.

Objective of the consultancy

This activity will broaden the beneficiaries' knowledge and understanding of accountable local governance processes, issues and deepen their skills, thus enabling them to optimally harness the potential of accountable local governance for the delivery of sustainable and inclusive local and national development.

Application Procedures:

Interested consultant firms shall address to RALGA Secretary General the CV, Academic Degrees as well as certificate of completion and submit them to RALGA offices, in Masaka Sector, Kicukiro District, P.O.Box 7249 Kigali-Rwanda. Interested candidates may find the detailed Terms of References (ToR's) on the RALGA website  and in Job in Rwanda (website) as well as in Newtimes (newspaper). The deadline for submission is 15thDecember 2017at 2:00 p.m. The opening of the proposals will take place the same day at 2:30 p.m.


Secretary General

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