Data Quality Analyst

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Data Quality Analyst Job Description (2018)

Country Rwanda

Organization Laterite (

Main responsibility Ensuring quality control at different stages of a research project cycle

Languages English, Kinyarwanda (French is a plus)

About Laterite

At Laterite, we transform the way development research is done. Our mission is to deploy the most innovative research methods and the latest academic thinking to design effective responses to development issues. We provide three types of services to clients: i) comprehensive data collection and data processing solutions; ii) research services, from the design of large scale research projects through to analysis; and iii) strategic and technical advice to public and private sector clients.

Laterite currently operates in Rwanda and Ethiopia and we are in the process of expanding our network of offices to India and Kenya. Our Rwanda office brings together more than 25 full time local and international staff, who work with a team of over 400 enumerators. In the last few years in Rwanda and Ethiopia, we have successfully completed over 50 research projects, working with internationally recognized universities, global think tanks, international NGOs, multilateral donor organizations and several Government ministries and agencies.

The Laterite Model

1. We believe that impact is a long-term endeavour that requires being embedded in the local context: In order to achieve policy impact through research, it is important to establish a strong local presence. Delivering high-quality research and advice requires building a local team and data collection systems, understanding the context, establishing close working relationships with key players and understanding their constraints and motivations. We only conduct research where we have offices: currently Rwanda and Ethiopia.

2. We are rigorous and structured, but not rigid in our choice of analytic methods: Our mission is to deploy the most innovative research methods to design effective responses to development issues. We do not define ourselves by a particular method or approach (e.g. RCTs), but by our ability to embrace and deploy new technologies and research methodologies in our project work. We work in an anti-disciplinary way, by borrowing methods not only from econometrics but other fields as well.

3. We innovate with every opportunity: With every new challenge and opportunity, we try to innovate, always with the objective of creating new and better ways of conducting research in low- resource country contexts. The Laterite Lab, our internal research development arm, catalyzes our research efforts and aims to equip our teams with new research methods and techniques. Our aim is not only to acquire and implement new methods but to create new methods.

You can find out more about Laterite on our website at:

The Data Quality Analyst (DQA) position is based in Kigali, Rwanda. Data Quality Analysts at Laterite play a hands-on role in the implementation of projects by ensuring that relevant quality control measures are in place at all key stages of a project, from research instruments coding to data collection processes to incoming data monitoring. Other responsibilities include contributing to the improvement of the current quality control processes and tools.

Key responsibilities:

Project-based responsibilities

  • Codes research instruments and reviews them to ensure internal flow and consistency.
  • Cleans and further processes incoming data.
  • Conducts regular quality checks on incoming data and shares feedback with project lead in the Data Team.
  • Creates/adapts project specific monitoring tools.
  • Trains audit enumerators on project specific monitoring tools.
  • Reports on the progress of assigned tasks to Data Quality Manager.

Quality-team based responsibilities

  • Contributes to the development of different data processing and monitoring tools. These tools should be efficient, effective and to the maximum extent automated.
  • Works closely with other teams within Laterite to ensure quality control at the different stages of a research project cycle.
  • Builds efficient internal systems for the management of Laterite’s resources and assets.

Minimum Qualifications

  • At least 1 year of work experience in a data heavy role.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Statistics, Engineering or related field.
  • Familiarity with statistical analysis and related tools/software (in particular Stata and/or R).
  • Excellent oral and written communications in English (French, Kinyarwanda or Swahili a plus).
  • Experience living and working in different cultural settings; time spent in sub-Sahara Africa or other developing countries strongly preferred.


Competitive with similar roles in other consulting and research organizations. Benefits include generous leave, health insurance, and individual/team bonuses.

Application Process

Please complete the following application:   including a CV and a cover letter within the link. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis so we encourage you to apply ASAP.