(EoI) Consultant/Consulting Firm for developing RW Government Websites


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Expression of Interest (EoI)

EoI for hiring a Consultant/Consulting Firm for developing RW Government Websites

Phase 1: Training and upgrade of websites using Typo 3 Content Management System

Introduction /Background.

Over the past few years, the Government of Rwanda has undertaken a number of web content oriented projects aimed at providing Rwandans and foreigners with online access to Government services and information. Most of these institutions have established a web presence (websites and web portals) on their own using different web content platforms for content creation, publishing and management. It was in this regard the Government adopted the use of one content management system for better management of government website and typo 3 was identified as the most secured and be used.

The first Training on Typo3 was conducted in 2012 and the consultant assisted in the migration of Government websites from different content management systems to Typo3. Currently we have more than 160 websites using Typo 3. Due to the shortage of qualified technical support staff, it is extremely difficult for Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA) to provide optimal support to governments institutions; And it was in this angle RISA is seeking for a consultant to dispense technical training and assist in the upgrade of websites to the Typo 3 latest version.

Objectives of the training

The purpose of this training is to improve the capacity of web developers, Government webmaster/IT Staff and the Government staff that are key content owners to be more technically skilled, to be able to regularly upgrade government websites and do continuous maintenance and update.

The main objective of this training is to ensure that a strong training package is delivered to Developers and IT staff to equip them with the knowledge of high security in web development and to use training methods that will allow that recipients to then pass knowledge gained to other managers and staff within theirorganization.

Scope of the training

  • Training to be conducted inGrand Legacy Hotel(according to framework contract)
  • Training will consist of 200people divided in 5 groups
  • Training will be over 5 days per group (5 groups)
  • Accommodation and subsistence where applicable to be provided by RISA
  • Training materials to be provided by the Consultant
  • Training hours will be 8 hours per day

Trainees groups (Trainees will be divided in 5 groups)

  • Group 1: Training on Website Design, development, security, upgrade and Server configuration. Targeted participants are: RISA Developers, AOS and Private Sector
  • Group 2 and 3:Training of webmaster on website administration and upgrade. Targeted participants are Government IT staff in charge of Website Management, RISA Developers and Private Sector.
  • Group 4 and 5: Training on Content management and website updating. Targeted participants are Public Relation Officers, RISA Developers, Office of the Government Spokesperson(OGS) and Private Sector.

Scope of work – specific tasks

To meet the overall objectives of the assignment, the qualified training institutions will be required to perform the following activities:

Reports and other documents

  1. Submit a proposed time table to be followed by the training center for the targeted course modules.
  2. We require training time table based on groups; full-day sessions (8 hours)
  3. Conduct training sessions according to a schedule to be agreed upon with RISA;
  4. Provide the latest training materials or international standard training materials;
  5. Prepare and submit evaluation reports after completion of each module.
  6. carry out an evaluation survey with the workshop participants after the completion of each module
  7. Develop and deliver detailed related training materials in pdf format and supported by short videos of about 20-30 minutes

Training for Developers include but not limited to:

  1. Upgrade at least 20 websites from TYPO3 version 4 and 6.2 to the latestversion of Typo3 to have secured websites this should be done within the training period.
  2. To provide training on hosting Server configuration
  3. Provide training on how to maintain the security of the servers (Database and Webservers), running patches, upgrades, opening ports and closing unnecessary ports
  4. Provide training on how securing the scripts, usage of strong passwords, securing the Database, file and folder permissions and how securing FTP accesses
  5. Provide training and training material on:

a. TYPO 3 Theme development

b. TYPO 3 Installations and Upgrade

c. TYPO3 Template design & Integration

d. TYPO3 Extensions Development

i. New Extension Development

ii. Customization of existing Extension

iii. TYPO3 Extension Installation

e. TypoScript

f. Fluid templating

g. Page, page content, properties, access control

h. Backend users and groups, access control, configuration

i. Localization and Internationalization

j. Install Tool and site-wide configuration

k. Architecture, Caching, Core extensions, Image processing

l. Troubleshooting

m. Extbase

6. Train web developers about responsiveness, how to make TYPO3 websites responsive using SCSS, Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate and jQuery.

7. Training and Best practices on how to backup Typo 3 files, copy of the Database and how to restore files from the backup.

8. Provide training on Running the new released CMS Patches

9. Provide training on CMS Upgrade from old version to a new released version

Training for Webmaster

  1. Website Management and administration
  2. Typo 3 installation
  3. Website updating
  4. Empower and supervise the team from targeted institutions to upgrade the remaining 130 websites to be done in 1-yearmaintenance (this maybe done offsite).

Training for non-IT staff

  1. Provide training for content owners (group of non-ITstaff) on how to update their websites using TYPO3 and produce user support document (Portal Management basic and advance training).

Support and Maintenance

  1. Provide support and maintenance Work for 1 year(the Service Level Agreement will provide details)


  1. Provide training outlines and training materials (course content) for Web developers (add also server installations, hosting and security), Web administrators and Content Owners (non IT)modules;
  2. Proposal of a calendar and training schedule for review and approval by RISA;
  3. Training sessions delivered according to the agreed schedule;
  4. Attendance register of trainees updated at the end of each week;
  5. Progress report of the training at the end of every week to the Chief Innovation Officer, RISA;
  6. The final Report at the completion of the training that includes the lessons learnt and challenges faced during the training and recommendations for future trainings.
  7. Copies of all training materials used during and applicable to the training, including but not limited to all paper based and multimedia materials, power point presentations, case studies, softcopies and handbooks.
  8. An evaluation report that summarizes the main findings from the workshop evaluation by the participants
  9. A well- documented guides on how to maintain all security aspects.
  10. A proposal support plan for the two years’ maintenance and follow up activities
  11. Final Report with all comments from RISA team incorporated into the Draft Final report and agreed on.

Organization and supervision arrangements

The consultant firm/ company will work closely with AOS, Security and RISA team under the direct supervision of the Government Chief Innovation Officer – RISA and Software Solutions Division Manager. The company will also get frequent guidance from the Div. Manager Software Solutions and the web presence Senior Software Engineer.

The Software solution division shall extend to the consultant all the necessary assistance to facilitate the implementation of the project.

Reporting Requirements

The firm/company required to report directly to Software Solutions Division Manager and do project progress briefing to the Chief Innovation Officer and RISA team. The following reports shall be submitted in English:

1.    Inception report

This report shall be given prior to the commencement of the assignment detailing but not limited to, the approach and methodology, proposed work plan for undertaking the assignment, and scheduling of the assignment. It should be submitted in three copies to the assigned Project Manager (GCINO).

2.    The weekly progress reports

This report shall constitute a summary of the accomplished work and shall reveal the number of websites migrated and the work plan for the coming week. The report shall also identify the problems encountered during the implementation of previous week’s activities and the suggested measures and needed help from RISA team to facilitate the next week’s work. This report should be submitted on a weekly basis.

3.    Training Report

The Training Report will contain all the details about the training conducted to the team on Typo 3 development and on the upgrade of websites done by the trained staff under the consultant supervision. The report will also contain all the related materials and manuals used in the training and for future reference.

4.    The draft final report

This report will elaborate all activities undertaken during project execution including all project documentation. This will include all the software development documentation and manuals.

5.    The final report

The final report shall incorporate comments/ feedback from RISA on the draft report.

Qualifications and Competences

The consulting firm must have a minimum experience of 5 years from concept to implementation of TYPO3 Web Content management system at a country level or any other big scale and shall provide a brief summary of proven experience and capabilities in developing portals of similar CMS, nature, size and scope.

The consulting firm must have at least one TYPO3 Certified staff.

The scope of services requested encompasses a list of disciplines requiring the firm’s key personnel to possess documented knowledge and necessary business/technical background and skills mainly in:

  • Portal management/administration,
  • Web Development,
  • Web/Graphic Design
  • Applications Security

The consulting firm must have strong communication skills and a record of achieving results. The trainer must be fluent in English.

If the consulting firm is an international-based firm, it must ensure to have a local-based representative which will carry out the Refresher training when deemed necessary by RISA team during the agreed support and maintenance period.

Duration of the Assignment

The consulting firm is expected to execute the assignment in 40 calendar days. Support and maintenance of 1-year form contract signature date.

Assessment criteria are as followed

Technical Offer

  • Interpretation of objectives
  • Strategy (technical concept/alternative concepts)
  • Implementation methods: Management of processes,
  • Cooperation, Steering structure
  • Work schedule and time schedule

Company / Institutional Profile

  • Staff and backstopping conception and capacities
  • Training level of field staff (interviewers)
  • Experience level of field staff (interviewers)
  • Reference projects

Qualification of proposed staffs

  • Expert/s
  • Formal qualification (degree)
  • Professional experience (Working experience directly dealing with Web development especially with Typo3)
  • Technical and context-specific knowledge (Web/Graphic Design, Applications Security, Typo3)
  • Language skills

Application Procedure

Interested candidates are requested to submit their offers documents (technical and financial) in separated sealed envelopes latest by

The 24th January 2018 until 16h00 Kigali time at

GIZ Office Rwanda

Deutsche Gesellschaft für

Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

KN 41 St. / Nr.17, Kiyovu

P.O. Box 59, Kigali,


Technical question and answer session.

There will be general technical question and answer session at GIZ Office Rwanda at the above office address on the 18th January 2018 at 11:00hrs.

 GIZ Office Rwanda reserves All rights.                   

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