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In 2013, we launched a new venture to build the first pan-African network of high-quality, affordable university programs, enabling even students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed. Nearly 300 students are now enrolled in Kepler.

Africa has the fastest-growing youth population in the world, but its education systems are not ready to unleash what could be the transformative generation of talent that permanently changes the face of the continent. Studies show that more earning potential is unlocked with each year of higher education than any other period of study. We aspire to help unleash a generation of African students who otherwise would lack the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Generation Rwanda/Kepler

Internship and Employment Manager & Coach 

About Generation Rwanda/Kepler

Generation Rwanda began in 2004 and has supported young people in Rwanda in achieving their higher education goals through scholarships for universities throughout the country. In 2013, GR expanded its reach when it started Kepler.

Kepler is a nonprofit university program designed to deliver the skills that emerging economies need. Kepler combines the best of online learning and an American competency-based degree program with in-person seminars and intensive education-to-employment support.

About the Role:

The Kepler Internship and Employment Manager and Coach position is one of the most essential positions in the organization to help Kepler fulfill its vision to innovate higher education through a dynamic blended-learning model. The Internship and Employment Manager and Coach is the first point of contact to support students’ learning to prepare them for the workplace and to support the application of classroom learning on the job.

The role includes developing and strengthening the structures and protocol for internship and job placement, modifying and implementing a revised internship and career coaching model that increases various stakeholder engagement,  supporting employers as they seek to fill key roles by creating efficient and user-friendly methods of engagement and communication, supporting students through workshops, advising and coaching in varying group sizes, networking through external forums to expand the Kepler Employer base and coordinating with CfA and other departments to create job opportunities through staff networks.

This position has non-traditional work hours that may require starting work early or finishing work late, and/or working weekends. The position is equivalent to 45 work hours/week with some fluctuation throughout the year.

Job Responsibilities

  • Create a coaching protocol and documentation process for all students that engages a variety of stakeholders both internally and externally e.g. workplace mentorship program.
  • In collaboration with the Careers Alumni Coordinator & Coach, implement alumni big sibling/little sibling coaching protocol
  • Participate in Careers team meetings and other team meetings as necessary
  • Collaborate with the Curriculum Coordinator and the Director of Curriculum to create careers-based courses.
  • Create and support the development of relevant courses and support systems to target student learning needs e.g. Kiziba vs. Kigali, Males vs. Female, National vs. International etc.
  • Plan and facilitate professional development and workshops to support buy-in and gather feedback from staff.
  • Liaise with employers when needed, and elicit feedback from the Employer Advisory Board on curriculum and student/graduate performance.
  • Create and participate in networking events and other opportunities for students to engage with employers.
  • Create and maintain a structured feedback loop that contributes to strategy and decision-making for expanding the internship and employment program.
  • Collaborate with other departments at Kepler to improve communication with the careers team, both internally and externally.
  • Grade competency-based work and provide student feedback in a timely manner (48 hour turnaround max).
  • Engage in team meetings to collaborate and build quality products for student consumption and use
  • Utilize student data to make informed decisions to guarantee all student’s progress through the curriculum
  • Administer benchmark, unit and formative assessments
  • Research and utilize effective online, in-person and blended learning teaching techniques
  • Conduct optional and mandated office hours through a variety of formats: workshop, 1:1 conferences, group supported worktime, etc.
  • Share and train other educators in implementation of online education in a blended learning environment
  • Participate in the Kim Marshall Observation process as outlined by administration
  • Seek internship and job opportunities in alignment with the Director of Careers and Academic Campus Directors.
  • Collaborate with the Data department to track, utilize and communicate employment data to the broader academic team
  • Support the creation and use of the Kepler Alumni Association
  • Create and facilitate specific workshops to support students who are already on-the-job to find success
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Careers and Alumni Affairs.


  • Bachelor's degree or higher
  • Highly motivated with a passion for education
  • Has an experience working in a big organization.
  • Must have advanced proficiency in English, both written and spoken. Preferred fluency in French, Kinyarwanda and/or Swahili.
  • Has strong communication skills, including interpersonal skills, written communication skills and networking skills, online and off
  • Demonstrates a strong desire to implement education through a process model of learning, implementing, reflecting, revising and re-implementing
  • Has high expectations of him/herself and believes in high expectations for students
  • Has the ability to be creative and innovative in the way that education can be created and delivered to students
  • Is open and willing to give and receive feedback from all stakeholders within the organization including students, colleagues and supervisors.
  • Displays ability to effectively communicate information and ideas in written and verbal formats
  • Exceeds at building and maintaining relationships, online and off.
  • Possesses functional knowledge and/or personal experience with technology: Microsoft Suite, Google Drive, Google Chrome
  • Thrives in a dynamic environment and believes that change leads to progress
  • Comfortable with not having or providing answers to students through an inquiry-based model where the facilitator of the class is not the “keeper” of all knowledge
  • Finds comfort in discussing and promoting Kepler and its students. 

Reports to: Director of Careers and Alumni Affairs

How to apply: 

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