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One Acre Fund is an agricultural NGO that is innovating a new way of helping farm families to achieve their full potential. In more than five years in Rwanda, We have grown to serve more than  180,000 farm families with 1,500 full-time staff in Rwanda. In Burundi, We have grown to serve 40,000 farm families with over 400 full-time staff. Organization wide, we are on track to serve one million farmers across 10 countries by 2020. We only serve farmers, and we always put Farmers First.

PS Rwanda- New Country Expansion Capacity Development Specialist

Job Location: Kigali

Duration: Minimum two year's commitment, full-time job.

Job Description

The New Country Expansion (NCE) team lead One Acre Fund globally in identifying new and impact full opportunities to serve farmers across the world. Our job is to go to new places and identify if our unique skill set can help some of the 50 million global smallholder farmers work their way out of hunger and poverty. This role will be an opportunity to help establish the long term impact of projects in Nigeria, India, Zambia, Myanmar and beyond as our program continues to grow. Our goal as an organisation is to serve a million farmers by 2020 and you will be in the team leading our drive towards this goal. As you develop as an individual, future promotions may come with the opportunity to travel to some of these countries and witness our far-reaching impact while working with our great team.

The NCE team is a busy and dynamic environment that is prone to change as we seek new opportunities for our clients. This will require an individual with a flexible and can do attitude but who can also prioritize their work appropriately to ensure we meet our goals. This position will respond to the Capacity Development Manager, based in Kigali who works within the Research and Strategy group of our New Country Team. We will work directly with NCE leadership to ensure we are providing impact full projects to our teams to support their work in the field.

As the NCE Capacity Development Specialist you will be responsible for supporting the growth of our teams through the creation of key capacities in each country. More specifically, the role will be focused on supporting:

  • Training
    • Conduct rigorous post training follow up with our team to ensure training quality
    • Conduct training content management and online library curation
    • Stretch project (Training): Develop as an OAF trainer and training writer
  • Onboarding
    • Plan all expatriate onboarding and provide logistical support to all in country onboarding of new staff
    • Stretch project (Onboarding): Develop a template for junior team onboarding and support implementation within our Pilot programs and/or deliver some onboarding trainings to new team members
  • Hiring
    • Support the creation and maintenance of in country hiring pipelines as a part of our Each One Reach One program through in country nodes
  • Delivery of efficient and applicable communications through NCE communication channels.
    • Managing Sprout (internal website) content
    • Providing support to in country teams to manage Training information boards
    • Manage the HelpDesk email account to support all team members across our 4 countries
    • Support the development of our monthly “Spotlight” calls by supporting topic research
    • Manage our internal feedback and performance tracker
    • Stretch project (Communications): Develop skill set to provide internal short consultancy projects

You'll also manage , specifically:

  • Our internal Each One Reach One recruitment campaign with a focus on supporting in country hires in each NCE country
  • Push Diversity and Inclusivity initiatives such as team lunches, pair walks and other forthcoming projects
  • Identify and develop nodes within each NCE country
  • Our SalesForce account where we track all our contacts
  • Execute and maintain routine NCE systems as they are developed
  • Monitor and report on the Quality of Life of all NCE staff

Career Growth and Development

One Acre Fund invests heavily in building management and leadership skills. Your manager will invest significant time in your career development. We provide constant, actionable feedback delivered through mentor ship and through regular management consulting-style career reviews. We also have regular one-on-one meetings, where we listen to and discuss career goals, and work collaboratively to craft roles that each person can be passionate about. Finance & Operations Specialists will have access to regular and ongoing professional development opportunities aimed at building the soft and hard skills required for quick rapid professional growth. Because of our rapid growth, we constantly have new roles opening up and opportunities in many functions. This results in fast career growth for our staff.


We are seeking an exceptional professional with at least 2 years of work experience and ideally a demonstrated passion for international development. Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Strong work experiences. Examples include a demanding professional work experience, or successful entrepreneurial experience (e.g. leading a conference, or starting a business).
  • Demonstrable ability to be self-driven and manage personal work flow
  • Leadership experience at work, or outside of work.
  • Top-performing academic background with a University degree (mandatory) in project management, communications, training/teaching/coaching/capacity building, or similar.
  • Project planning, management, and execution experience.
  • Mentorship experience, including a clear record of developing teams and providing professional development support for others.
  • Demonstrated efficiency with MS Office and with the Google package of applications. Excellent communication—conversational, email, and written. Strong writing skills and ability to translate technical and complex concepts into concise and easily understandable language.
  • Demonstrated ability in training and professional development content creation.
  • Humility and team-work. We are looking for passionate professionals who combine strong leadership skills with good humor, patience, and a humble approach to join our growing family of leaders.
  • Control in handling the unplanned.
  • Positive attitude and passion. Eagerness to develop the New Country Expansion team and dedication to improving the livelihoods of farmers and their families across the world.
  • Language: English essential, any other languages beneficial.

Preferred Start Date: January 2018

Compensation: Starts modest. However, this is a career-track role with raises for performance.

Benefits: Housing, transportation, and airtime allowance.

Note: We will not be able to sponsor a visa for this position.

To Apply

See the full job description and application details on our:

You will be prompted to a form that must be completed.  At the end of the form you will have the opportunity to write a motivational letter and upload your CV.

We are offering a world class professional and international environment that focuses on your career development and are looking forward to receiving your application.

Please Note: One Acre Fund will never ask you for money in return for advancement in the recruitment process or for being offered a position

One Acre Fund is an equal opportunity employer; all candidates with legal working age will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, region, sex, disability status or any other characteristic protected by the law.

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