Opportunities for Internships and Capacity Development


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The idea to create the Horizon of Excellence (HOREX) LTD came into existence on 14th January 2011. The HOREX LTD was officially registered on 20th May 2011 and was given the mission of being a network for professional development through a formal forum and opportunity creation.

Opportunities for Internships and Capacity Development

The Horizon of Excellence (HOREX) Ltd is a research and training company legally registered in 2011 under Rwandan Company Law No. 07/2009 of 27/04/2009. The Horizon of Excellence Ltd is involved in capacity development activities for individuals and interested organizations (government entities, NGOs and various Community and faith based organizations such as churches and cooperatives) to access and make use of the competitive advantages, and to do their professional jobs in effective and efficient ways.  

It is in this regards that we would like to inform the public that Horizon of Excellence runs the following programs:

  1. Training program:We are offering professional and comprehensive courses including entrepreneurship and innovation, data analysis, and Monitoring and evaluation. We also have a special program for NGOs and CBOs to build healthy organizations that are capable to compete for different donors’ funding. Furthermore, we offer individual courses to improve individual computer language skills (Advanced Excel and Word, Statistical tools such as Advanced Excel, SPSS, STATA, Epi Info, Eviews, Cspro and R as well as Accounting packages such as QuickBooks.  The training program is complemented by the Development forum offering a free discussion forum through its website www.horizon-excel.com/forum . This aims at sharing knowledge and skills, professional information and experience.
  2. Career center: We are offering opportunities for students and job-seekers to learn about career options in a planned sequence of career education. The center assists students in their pursuit of internship and temporary non-paid employment aiming at acquiring professional experience, facilitate interaction between employers and students and provide a wide variety of programs to meet a range of career interests and needs. Those include seminars, workshops, career fairs, career link, and resource center.
  3. Research: Our main business is to conduct performance, impact and efficiency (PIE) assessments and establish a resource center in those areas.

Specifically, the Horizon of Excellence (HOREX) Ltd in partnership with Borderless Consulting Network (BCN) Ltd has arranged the following learning and capacity development opportunities for all the interested people and organizations:

(a)    Professional Bridge Program for Internship and Local Organization Capacity Development (PBP Capacity development).  

The program is offeringinternship facilities for job seekers some of whom, after the internship, will then be used to train and coach the local organizations (local NGOs and CBOs such as churches, cooperatives and business companies) to have strong management and control systems. On the other side, it provides the local organization with less expensive capacity building services from the internees of the same program.

(b)    Training program in monitoring and evaluation (M&E)

The training aims at strengthening the M&E officers’ knowledge and skills required for project management as well as data collection and analysis in the context of monitoring and evaluation. This program covers the basics of program monitoring and evaluation and it defines common term and discusses why M&E is essential for program management. In addition it deals with performance monitoring, performance evaluation as well as fundamentals of impact evaluation.

(c)    Training program in data analysis

Data is transforming business, social interactions, and the future of our society. In this program, you will learn how to use data and analytics to give an edge to your career and your life.We will examine real world examples of how analytics have been used to significantly improve a business or industry. At the end of the programs the candidate has the fundamental knowledge of at least one statistical package among: R, Epi Info, Excel, Stata, SPSS, Eviews, etc.

(d)    Training program in data analysis

This is a program providing trainees with practical and hands-on knowledge in doing advanced analyses such as impact evaluations and health inequality analyses.

(e)    Training  program in entrepreneurship and innovation

This program aims at structuring the trainee’s identity in terms of entrepreneurship, constructing his or her mind/vision widely and developing his/her capacity to implement an entrepreneurial project. In this respect, the program will develop the following competences:

  • Communication related competences, i.e. effective communication
  • Personal and social related competences: cooperation, creation and updating his/her potential
  • Intellectual related competences: making good use of information, problem solving, using a critical judgment, implementing creative thinking
  • Methodological related competences: choosing effective working methods, making good use of information and communication technologies

All the trainings above are delivered in 3 months after which the successful learners are awarded respective professional certificates.  

Learning costs are set as follows:

  • Frw 5,000 for registration to any training program
  • Frw 15,000 for an internee in PBP Capacity Development Program
  • Frw 50,000 for an organization in PBP Capacity Development Program 
  • Frw 50,000/course for Monitoring and Evaluation Program
  • Frw 50,000/course for Basic Data Analysis Program
  • Frw 50,000/course for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program
  • Frw 100,000/course for Advanced Data Analysis Program;
  • Frw 30,000/course for job seekers
  • Frw 50,000 for Software.

The details of the opportunities above can be viewed on the website www.horizon-excel.com

The registration is done from Monday to Friday during the working hours at the office of BCN/Horizon of Excellence Ltd not later than October 23rd, 2017 at:

Gift House, 1st floor; near APAPEC Irebero Primary School

Gisozi, Gasabo, Kigali.

Contact: Sam Noheli, Tel.: 0788635907/0786669501

Email: horizonexcel@horizon-excel.com 

Website: www.horizon-excel.com 

The required fees are payable at I&M Bank, Account # 10-5042256-01-06, HORIZON OF EXCELLENCE (HOREX) LTD

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