Provision of the Start and Improve Your Business Program


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Title of Assignment: Provision of the Start and Improve Your Business Program

  1. General Context of Eco-Emploi 2016 - 2019

Rwanda has maintained steady growth and macroeconomic stability for the past 15 years, between 2001 and 2015 real GDP growth averaged at about 8% per annum. However, the rate of unemployment and underemployment is high and most of those in employment still work in poorly paid positions, above all in agriculture. Although primary school attendance is comparatively high in Rwanda, the vast majority of youth leave schools hardly equipped for the labour market. A strong middle class that could provide for a solid foundation for the country’s economy does not exist.

The programme Eco-Emploi is part of the priority area “Sustainable Economic Development” of the Rwandan-German Development Cooperation and will be implemented between June 2016 and May 2019. Eco-Emploi embodies an integrated approach of technical and vocational education and training, labour market interventions and private sector development. It supports the economic sectors ICT, Wood, Tourism and Creative Industries. The economic empowerment of women and people living with disabilities are a cross-cutting effort in all activities of the programme.

Eco-Emploi’s success is mainly defined by the amount of jobs that are created through the programme’s activities.

For more information, please visit Eco-Emploi’s homepage:


B.    Rationale of the assignment
1)    Description of assignment:

With the aim of boosting the tourism sector in Rwanda, the Eco-Emploi program has embarked on a call for proposals/ Business plan competition where new innovative tourism products will be developed to boast the sector with specific focus on the Kivu Belt region. The applicants during this competition are expected to focus on, the extension or upgrading of tourism products that are already existing in the region (for example souvenir shops, dancing troops, local meals, honey collection etc.) or the development of innovative tourism products that can boast tourism along this region e.g. water based tourism, adventure tourism etc. but not promote investments in new hotels. This will be expected to provide a variety of other packages/ tourism products that tourists can engage in and extend their stay in the region.


The Start-ups during this competition will therefore be expected to get different BDS services such as trainings on sustainable business planning and management, mentorship and group counselling sessions.

As a result, the Start and Improve Your Business program (SYIB) should be provided to enable the start-ups develop their entrepreneurship skills during the course of this campaign and coaching sessions should follow once the start-ups are finally operational. The coaching and mentorship sessions will intend on enabling the start-ups to grow and mitigate most of the challenges that are faced by start-ups during the incubation stage.  

The general objective of the assignment is to provide the Start and Improve Your Business program to the selected start-ups during the course of the call for proposals/ business plan competition. The consultants will also be expected to follow up the established start-ups and provide other BDS packages.

2)    Process and methodology of the assignment:

The assignment includes providing all the Start and Improve Your Business Packages as Business Development Services that will help the start-ups run their businesses well in the future. The SYIB packages that will be provided to the start-ups include;

  • Generate Your Business Idea (GYB);  

This training program will be provided to 50 applicants that will be pre-selected to take part in the call for proposals/ business plan competition. This training should aim at helping the applicants come up with better and more realistic business ideas that can boast the tourism sector along the Kivu Belt Region.

  • Start Your Business Idea (SYB);

The pre-selected applicants will also get trained on how to start their businesses with the Start Your Business Idea. The SYB package will enable the applicants improve their business plans and work on more concreate and feasible projects. All the pre-selected applicants will be expected to submit new detailed and feasible business plans from which 25 projects will be selected to proceed for the final stage of the competition.

  • Improve Your Business Idea to the identified start-ups (IYB);

This package will be provided to the final start-ups that will be established and it will be offered two months after the projects have started operating. The consultant(s) will therefore be expected to work closely with the tourism team within GIZ and the start-ups and access which of the different modules in the IYB would be appropriate to meet the needs of these start-ups.

3)    Experience and Qualifications

  • The consultant(s) should be well conversant with the Start and Improve your Business Program
  • Applicants should be ILO certified consultants
  • Experience working with the private sector in Rwanda is an added advantage
  • Extensive knowledge of the BDS environment in Rwanda is required
  • The consultant(s) should also be well versed with the tourism sector in Rwanda in particular the Kivu Belt region.

4)    Reporting and cooperation:

Conditions regarding technical terms will be discussed in detail between the Promotion of Economy and Employment Program (Eco-Emploi) and the consultant(s). The Consultant(s) will report and coordinate with an assigned contact person within the tourism team of Eco-Emploi.

5)    Deliverables:

  • All the packages of the start and Improve Your Business Program I.e. Generate Your Business Idea, Start Your Business and the Improve Your Business modules have been offered to the applicants during this business plan competition.
  • The modules should be tailor made to fit the needs of our target group
  • The trainees should receive books after each program or module to enable them practice in the future.
  • The consultant(s) will be part of the entire selection process to identify the best projects during the course of this competition.
  • The consultant(s) will be expected to provide regular updates to the tourism team within Eco-Emploi about the progress of the trainings (at least every after a program/ module).
  • A comprehensive report is shared with Eco-Emploi at the end of this assignment.

C.    Timeframe of the assignment

The first part of the assignment is to be conducted between 9th April to the 20th of April 2018 while the second part of this assignment will be conducted starting August 2018 after the start-ups have been established.

Clear dates for the second part of the assignment will be discussed with the consultant(s) and the Eco-Emploi program during the course of the call for proposals.

Timelines will be defined for each of the deliverables in a next step.

D.    Contact

In case of questions regarding the assignment, please contact the procurement team within GIZ at

E.    Application

Interested candidates should submit their applications (technical & financial) in separated envelopes. The application should include:           

1) Technical proposal with a clear work methodology with Up to date CV with reference

3) Financial proposal in RWF tax excluded

Applications should be deposited until 22nd March 2018 at 4:00 PM, at the front desk of

GIZ Office Rwanda

KN 41 St. / Nr.17, Kiyovu

P.O. Box 59, Kigali,


How to apply: 

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