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AKA is a registered National Non-Government Organization (NGO) operating under the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) certificate No 66/RGB/NGO/2016. AKA’s mission is providing Rwandan youth with employability skills, capital and support to take advantage of economic opportunities.

Title: Short term consultant _ Job Seeker Guidelines Curriculum



1.    About AKA

AKA is a registered National Non-Government Organization (NGO) operating under the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) certificate No 66/RGB/NGO/2016. AKA’s mission is providing Rwandan youth with employability skills, capital and support to take advantage of economic opportunities. Currently, AKA is implementing multiple donor’s projects including Akazi Kanoze 2 (AK2), funded by The MasterCard Foundation (MCF) through Education Development Center (EDC), USAID-funded Huguka Dukore Activity,supporting youth employment,Educate!  Rwanda Exchange Project which supports capacity building and roll out of the new competence-based curriculum in Rwanda’ssecondary school education systemand As well as Innovation Funded by GIZ among other projects. Akazi Kanoze Access have received Innovation Project Fund from GIZ Under Its Global Initiative on Innovative Employment Services for Youth(YouMatch) to implement a six-month project named Matching Job Seeker portfolio with Job Profile and Employer expectations. 


Innovation Project aims at developing and piloting job profile assessment guidelines that will facilitate alignment of employer expectation with job seeker portfolio to minimize mismatch and reduce unemployment. Akazi Kanoze Access has selected 3 trades including ICT, Tourism and construction, reviewed existing job profile, conducted job analysis survey, and developed updated job profiles for 6 occupations; Plumbers, Masons, Graphic designers, IT Technicians, Travel consultants and Inquiry clerks.

The objective of short term consultant is to develop curriculum that will facilitate job profile assessment for youth to be able to develop portfolio that match job profiles developed, and conduct training with job seekers.


  • Review existing profile assessment guidelines for job seekers
  • Develop or adapt job seeker self-assessment tools for knowledge, skills and competencies.
  • Develop a job seeker training guide of maximum 15 hours using a participatory approach
  • Develop a trainer brief to go with the Job seeker training guide
  • Facilitate a 2 days training with 60 youth



Contracted consultant is expected to submit a report which include, but not limited to, the following output:

  • Inception report detailing how he/she is supposed to carry out the curriculum development (methodology), desk review schedule as well as any informants to the process.
  • Self-assessment tools for job seekers
  • Curriculum for job seeker assessment and portfolio development
  • Trainer manual/ brief on developed training guide
  • Facilitate a 2-day training
  • Submit final process report and curriculum to AKA with both hard and soft copy of all data set


  • Minimum of Master’s Degree in field related to social science, economics and /or educations
  • Proven track record in research, curriculum development, and training
  • Strong understanding of the education sector in Rwanda with a special focus on TVET
  • Strong understanding of Rwandan labour market
  • Fluent in English and Kinyarwanda
  • Use participatory approach


The task is expected to be completed within 14 days from the date of signing of the contract. The consultant is therefore required to prepare and submit the entire plan in a way that allows the achievement of all deliverables within 15days’ period.


The selected consultant is not required to seat at AKA but should be based in Kigali City and may work in his own office with coordinated visits to AKA.


The proposal shall be presented in the following manner:

  • Personal curriculum vitae highlighting qualifications that meet the minimum requirement stated
  • Technical proposal with brief methodology on how he or she will conduct the work (2 page maximum)
  • Financial proposal containing the final and all-inclusive total price offer for the full range of service required broken down into all major cost. The total price shall be in a fix lump sum amount and milestone payment (tax inclusive) corresponding to output shall be indicated in the proposal.


Payment under the contract will be output based and will be made upon satisfactory completion of the assignment.

Interested qualified Consulting firms or individuals wishing to undertake this assignment are requested to submit their technical and financial proposals by January 21st, 2018 to AKA emails. The technical proposal shall detail the consultant’s proposed methodology, a tentative work plan and CVs of personnel to carry out the study will be submitted at with a copy to

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