Special Projects Manager

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In 2013, we launched a new venture to build the first pan-African network of high-quality, affordable university programs, enabling even students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed. Nearly 300 students are now enrolled in Kepler.

Africa has the fastest-growing youth population in the world, but its education systems are not ready to unleash what could be the transformative generation of talent that permanently changes the face of the continent. Studies show that more earning potential is unlocked with each year of higher education than any other period of study. We aspire to help unleash a generation of African students who otherwise would lack the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Special Projects Manager

Generation Rwanda/Kepler

Special Projects Manager

About Generation Rwanda/Kepler

Generation Rwanda began in 2004 and has supported young people in Rwanda in achieving their higher education goals through scholarships for universities throughout the country. In 2013, GR expanded its reach when it started Kepler.

Kepler is a nonprofit university program designed to deliver the skills that emerging economies need. Kepler combines the best of online learning and an American competency-based degree program with in-person seminars and intensive education-to-employment support.

About the Position

Kepler is looking for a Special Projects Manager to support the academic leadership team in planning and executing innovative improvements and modifications to the Kepler academic model. The role will report to Academic Campus Director for Core Programs but will also collaborate directly with several other members of the Kepler management team as needed.

We anticipate that the Special Projects Manager will be working on projects related to updating our first year curriculum and structure, our relationship with the Rwandan Higher Education Council, support systems to speed up graduation, piloting new academic models, etc. However, the duties of the Manager will evolve rapidly as our innovation efforts progress and we learn which projects are most promising. We are looking for someone who thrives in such a fast-paced environment with rapidly changing priorities and job duties. This role gives ample opportunities for professional growth and increasing levels of responsibility depending on the performance of the job duties:

Job Responsibilities

  • Transform big picture ideas and guidance from Kepler management team into actionable project plans with clear success metrics
  • Execute innovation projects in collaboration with other staff members under the direction of different management team members
  • Data collection and entry related to existing academic programs and special projects
  • Evaluate project success regularly and provide recommendations for improvements
  • Create reports and presentations about projects
  • Lead by influence to motivate staff members to help executing special projects
  • Occasionally work collaboratively with staff from partner organizations and represent Kepler in meetings
  • Research various topics including expansion countries for Kepler, requirements for accreditation in different countries, potential partner organizations, etc.
  • Support the Academic Campus Director for Core Programs in all her duties
  • Support different management team members in administrative and other duties
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor's┬áDegree or higher
  • Proactive attitude and eagerness to take responsibility to improve things
  • Experience working in a fast-paced environment
  • Energized by demanding job duties
  • Optimistic and creative approach to solving tough problems
  • Willing to experiment, try things out, fail fast, and learn constantly
  • Proven record of managing multiple complicated projects
  • Willing to give and receive feedback from anyone
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Comfortable with Google Apps (Mail, Docs, Sheets) and Microsoft Office

Reports to: Academic Campus Director for Core Programs

Start date: As soon as possible