Supplying/Providing 880 Local Goats for Sponsored families of Kamabuye Sector in Bugesera District

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Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organisation that advances children’s rights and equality for girls.Working together with children, young people, our supporters and partners, we strive for a just world, tackling the root causes of the challenges facing girls and all vulnerable children. We support children’s rights from birth until they reach adulthood. We drive changes in practice and policy at local, national and global levels using our reach, experience and knowledge. We have been building powerful partnerships for children for over 75years, and are now active in more than 70 countries.


1.    Background and rationale

Plan International is an international child rights and child-centered development organization without religious, political and government affiliation. Plan’s main objective is to improve the quality of life of children, their families as well as their communities through community participation. Its program interventions are focused on child poverty alleviation in the domains of education, health and nutrition, water and sanitation, household economic security and child protection. Plan International Rwanda opened in January 2007 and is currently working in the Eastern and Southern Provinces of Rwanda in the districts of Gatsibo, Bugesera, Nyaruguru and in all districts hosting refugee camps. The country office is at Kagugu, Gasabo District of Kigali City.

Currently Plan International Rwanda  Bugesera ProgrM Unit has 6,000 sponsored childrenin Kamabuye and Ngeruka Sector in Bugesera District

It is from this background that children raised their concerns through Plan’s Community meetings under APPR (Annual Participatory Progress Review, 2017), which is one of the space to discuss on their issues and finding solutions together. They came about to realize that their poverty and other problems are caused by small lands, family size without control, family conflicts, lack of income in their family to help them going to school, child labor, laziness and the use of drugs.

To try to address this, Plan International Rwanda, through its sponsorship Project is committed to support 880 sponsored families with goats which will help them to boost their income and get school materials easily for their children and provide manure for their gardens

  1. Objectives of the activity:

The objective of this activity is to boost the economy of 880 sponsored families from Kamabuye Sector through goat rearing which will increase their household income and provide manure 

Plan International Rwanda is inviting recognized People by RDB as suppliers of livestock to submit their proposals.

Technical and financial bids must be sealed in an envelope and clearly marked: Tender for SUPPLYING/PROVIDING 880 LOCAL GOATS FOR SPONSORED FAMILIES OF KAMABUYE SECTOR IN BUGESERA DISTRICT

The costs submitted must be inclusive of all anticipated expenses (transportation fees and any other expenses rated to purchase).

The supplier will supply without receiving any advance payment from Plan International Rwanda

Submission of Tender bids will be on Tuesday 12 June 2018 at 11.00 am .at Plan International Rwanda, Bugesera Program Unit Office IN BUGESERA DISTRICT, NYAMATA SECTOR, NYAMATA CELL, NYAMATA VILLAGE, EASTHERN PROVINCE and the opening will be at the same date, Tuesday 12th June 2018 at 11.30 am

2.    Requirements and goats specification :

The 880 goats needed should be local race and purchased locally (not out of Bugesera District) because goats from outside die easily,

They must be female (does) of 12 to 18 months and in good health. 

3.    Timeframe for distribution

The goats will be distributed in Kamabuye Sector no later than 10calendar days from the signature of the contract by both parties.

The Sector veterinary will be responsible for the verification of the goats to be supplied in order to ensure they are in good health and free from any disease and deformities before they are distributed to the beneficiaries

For any other clarification, please contact Plan International reception at +250 788 305 392.