ToR: Mid-Term Evaluation of the Project Partnership for Organisation and Mobilisation (2016 – 2019)


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Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) is an international NGO, founded in Norway in 1939 as the labour movement’s humanitarian solidarity organisation.

Mid-Term Evaluation of the Project Partnership for Organisation and Mobilisation (2016 – 2019)

Terms of Reference


This Mid Term Evaluation refers to Project CS 2016 Rwanda – Partnership for Organisation and Mobilisation, funded by NoradThis project is part of a framework of cooperation between Norad and NPA, being implemented in partnership with civil society partners in 17 countries. 

The last NPA/Norad Cooperation Agreement (2012-2015) was very specifically focused on Gender Based Violence prevention and response. The current frame (2016-2019) continues the focus on Gender Based Violence, but with a greater focus on policy influence. 

The programme is entirely operated by 6 civil society partners working in 34 sectors of 9 Districts of Rwanda. These are long established partnerships: two of the NPA partners supported under this grant are partners since 2006, while the other 4 are NPA partners under this funding since 2012.  All except one are also funded under the other programme operated by NPA Rwanda – the Public Policy Information Monitoring and Advocacy Project (PPIMA), which accounts for approximately 75% of the NPA Rwanda country programme.

The programme contributes to the growing role and capacity of civil society, particularly with regard to public policy engagement and influence.  The programme is supportive of civil society organizations’ own agendas and is assisting with the necessary tools and capacities in order to actualize them.  The intermediate outcomes are as follows:

Intermediate outcome 1: Partners mobilize around common issues

Intermediate outcome 2: Popular organizations are more effective in organising people who have a common cause

Purpose of the Mid Term Evaluation

1.            The primary intention of this mid-term review is to be forward looking, to support NPA Rwanda to take a fresh look at the project.  The MTE will assess the level of ambition of the programme and its current model, to provide direction, focus and stretching or consolidation of objectives for the remainder of the programme and beyond. This includes:

a.            Extent to which the project objectives are clear and clearly understood by NPA staff and partners

b.            Extent to which partners and supported projects match the programme objectives

c.             Extent to which programme learning is integrated into programme decision making by both NPA and partners – do we learn, reflect and revise?

d.            The experience and dynamism of the relationship between NPA and partners

e.            Reference to the context and assessment of the suitability of the intervention to the context

f.             Recommendations for the future vision for the project

2.            NPA will use the results of the MTE in the short term to influence planning with existing partners for 2018, and in the medium term, for decision making regarding programme partners and direction.

a.            Assess the effectiveness of strategies used in organising and policy influence so that interventions in 2018 and 2019 are well informed in that perspective

b.            Issues of sustainability should also be looked into, so that during the remaining 2 years of the framework, strategies are shaped in a way that allows contributing to program/project sustainability.

3.            The programme plan includes a final evaluation in mid-2019, and this MTE should form an inherent part of that process, including providing recommendations for that. To aid in that process, the Mid Term evaluation should assess:

a.            Status of results and impact at the mid-term

b.            Gender and generational aspects of the programme design.

Key documents:

The project results framework and supporting documents, Progress Report, M+E training report, Partners joint assessments reports, NPA Observing Change document.

Tentative work period

Period: 31st October 2017 – 30th November, as follows:

•              Desk review during week 31/10 – 4/11

•              Inception report submission by 4/11

•              Field work during week 06/11 – 10/11

•              Further follow up and development of draft report for submission by 25/11

•              Final report by 30/11/17


The consultant will work closely with NPA and the CSO partners. All deliverables will be submitted to NPA on the dates agreed during the inception meeting.

The assignment report will be reviewed by the NPA team and is to be submitted in soft copy while the final product will be submitted in hard and soft copies.

  • Inception Report that clearly sets out the methodology - submission by 4/11
  • Final report that addresses the above listed purpose and provides clear recommendations for the future of the programme - by 30/11/17, after submission of draft and receipt of comments    


  • An experienced project evaluator with specific experience working with civil society partnership and local governance
  • Knowledge of the Rwandan context, especially in relation to Gender issues and the related policy context
  • Expertise in governance and support to locally led policy influence
  • A relevant educational background to Masters level or equivalent, in relation to Gender issues and/or governance

Date of submission for proposal

Applications including a letter of expression of interest, consultant (s) profile, their role and responsibilities in assignment, as well as technical and financial proposals from individuals or firms with the relevant experience/qualifications, and properly marked should be sent to:

NPA Rwanda office; addressed to:

Country Director

Ebenezer House

Umuganda Boulevard

P.O.BOX 2966 Kigali.

Or Email: .

All interested parties should submit their proposal not later than 21st October 2017 at 4:30 PM. For inquiries regarding the assignment contact us on +250 252 580 530 or on email address above.

Only shortlisted firms/ consultants will be contacted.

How to apply: 

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