• How a Facebook post opened Habiyambere’s door into car dealership

    Many people, especially the youth, use social media platforms to communicate with family and friends. For the jobless, it is a space to spend time and interact at leisure.

    However, for 27-year-old Hassan Habiyambere, social media has become a marketplace, offering him a boundless opportunity to start a car selling company.

  • Why Umutoni and Mukahigiro quit their jobs for fashion

    Getting a job is not a walk in the park. In fact, some people graduate with top grades but take years to find employment. 

    But this fear has not held back those with jobs from venturing out into the murky waters of self employment.

    That is the story of 25-year-old Laurène Rwema Umutoni, and 22-year-old Natalie Mukahigiro. The two realised that after years of being just another employee, it was time to be self-employed.

  • How to get more urban women employed

    There has been boundless sensitisation and effort to strengthen gender equality across the country. One would think that aspects such as stereotypes, misconceptions, and tradition, or anything else that has held women back over the years, are now on a low, however, this is not the case. And this can be seen in areas, for example, like the workforce, where very many women are still unemployed.

  • 6 Disastrous Job Interview Blunders

    You're about to have a job interview. Perhaps it's not your dream job, but it's still an opportunity you're excited about. Determined to win this competition, you prepare relentlessly. Or so you think.

  • The most common job application mistakes that guarantee you WON'T get an interview… so are you making them

    • Lee Biggins, founder of CV-Library, has carried out extensive research
    • He has determined common mistakes that will put a recruiter off you
    • Includes unrelated skills and a CV longer than two pages

    If you've been endlessly applying for jobs with no luck, it could be down to some very crucial mistakes you're making.

  • Why Your Cover Letter Isn't Working as Hard as it Should be

    Frequently, I'll have candidates tell me that they're going to send me their cover letter and resume and that I should use that as a starting point. I tell them not to bother because I won't use it anyway. Usually they look angry at my comment, and I need to clarify. I ask them what does their cover letter say. Usually something along lines of 'Well, it describes my resume'.

  • Yenga Umutobe n’inzoga mu Bijumba Bikamwinjiriza Iritubutse

    Ntezimana Jean Paul wiga mu ishuri rikuru ry’ubumenyingiro rya Musanze Polytechnic yihangiye umurimo wo gukora inzoga n’umutobe mu bijumba, akabigurisha.

    Usibye inzoga n’imitobe akora muri ibyo bijumba, anakoramo amandazi n’ibisuguti.

    Ntezimana avuga ko amezi atanu amaze akora uwo mushinga, yahawe icyemezo cyo kuwushyira mu bikorwa kuburyo ngo hari inzoga, imitobe, ibisuguti n’amandazi yatangiye gushyira ku isoko abantu batandukanye bakabyishimira.

  • WDA yiyemeje kujya buri mwaka itabara 1000 barangije kaminuza badafite akazi

    Ibarura rya kane ku mibereho y’ingo mu Rwanda (EICV4) rigaragaza ko urubyiruko rwarangije amashuri rwugarijwe n’ubushomeri kurusha abandi, aho 13.5% barangije Kaminuza ari abashomeri naho 9% barangije ayisumbuye bakaba ntacyo bakora.

    Mu gufasha urwo rubyiruko rutagira akazi, hakozwe igerageza umwaka ushize wa 2016 ryo kubahugura mu myuga, abadafite akazi bagera kuri 500 bitabira amahugurwa mu myuga n’ubumenyingiro mu gihe cy’amezi ane.



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