• Lydie Hakizimana – The startup story of a textbook entrepreneur with an incredible vision for improving children’s literacy in Rwanda

    If there is one woman who is living proof of the power of women entrepreneurs to make a real difference in the world, it is Lydie Hakizimana co-founder of Drakkar Limited in Rwanda

  • Jobseekers tipped on finding employment

    Youth in the country have been urged to seek knowledge, and hands-on skills and love work in order to fit in the highly competitive labour market.

    “You can’t do a good job if you don’t have the right knowledge and skills and love for it. Work hard and don’t fear to take risks. Start today,” said Jerome Gasana, the director general of the Workforce Development Authority (WDA).

  • Imibare mishya igaragaza uko ubushomeri buhagaze mu Rwanda

    Ikigo cy’Igihugu cy’Ibarurishamibare, NISR, kigaragaza ko hifashishijwe ubushakashatsi butandukanye n’ubusanzwe mu gupima uko isoko ry’Umurimo rihagaze mu gihugu, Labour Force Survey (LFS) 2016, impuzandengo y’ubushomeri ari 13.2%.

    Ubu bushakashatsi bw’igerageza bwakozwe muri Gashyantare 2016 kuko ubwimbitse buzaba muri Kanama uyu mwaka, bwerekanye ko abari ku isoko ry’umurimo mu gihugu ubariyemo abafite akazi n’abatagafite ari 49.3%, muri bo 58.1% ni abagabo naho 41.5% basigaye ni abagore.

  • Young Rwandan entrepreneur on meeting President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg

    Jean-Bosco Nzeyimana is a happy young man but to describe him simply as “happy” would be an understatement. He is over the moon.

    On Friday June 24th, he was part of a five-member high profile panel discussion that involved not only the US president Barack Obama, but as well Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of the social networking site, Facebook.

  • Tech Jobs for Africa

    KIGALI – What value does the digital economy provide Africa? The largest technology companies all have strategies for getting their products into African markets, but few have plans to provide what Africans truly need: jobs in the economy of the future.

  • University of Rwanda to Tackle Unemployment

    By Collins Mwai

    University of Rwanda's College of Science and Technology has rolled out a new programme to help improve students' entrepreneurial capacity.

    The initiative is designed to improve the chances of the college graduates to create and sustain self-employment.

    The programme, dubbed 'Creating Job Creators, was started in September at the beginning of the 2015/2016 academic year.

  • My Experience as a Young Entrepreneur in Africa & Why You Should Invest in Young Africans

    A technology scene is starting and you should be part of it. Here's why.  

    Young, forward-thinking entrepreneurs such as myself have an opportunity and an obligation to advance economic and human development throughout Africa. Our continent is poised for great social and technological advances. These advances are dependent upon harnessing the continent’s immense economic potential. As business leaders, we can serve as catalysts for such change.   

  • Parliament Asked to Support Employment Programmes

    The Ministry of Public Service and Labour (MIFOTRA) has asked the parliamentary Standing Committee on Budget and National Patrimony to advocate for the promotion of National Employment Programme (NEP) in other public institutions.

    The drive, according to officials, will ensure the Government projection to create 200,000 off-farm jobs annually is attained.



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