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Cor i Rwanda Limited
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CORI RWANDA LIMITED is a Rwanda-based registered business company under REG-2017- 417269 and TIN No. 107348038, with well-established offices in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda-East and Central Africa.

CORI RWANDA LIMITED is a professional minded business company with operations that include: water treatment and information technology. The company also operates in other monetary intermediation, activities of holding companies, trusts, funds, similar financial entities, as well as other activities auxiliary to financial service activities.

Additionally, CORI RWANDA LIMITED encourages the regional population to use meteorological systems, such as green energy, to reduce climate risks.

CORI RWANDA LIMITED has an excellent track record of developing the market for foreign countries to import their products into Africa’s Great Lakes Region. We have an ambitious long-term vision to continue to flood the region with greater products.

Our team, comprised of experienced business experts, has completed thorough research and has already established avenues that can effectively move the international business to greater heights throughout the region.

CORI RWANDA LIMITED   is a dynamic team of exceptional and experienced personnel who act as a bridge between our customers. We yearn to build the trust among our customers and partners at all times.

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