Global Epileptic Connection (GECO)
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GLOBAL  EPILEPSY CONNECTION "GECO" is primarily a NATIONAL NON- GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION established In Rwanda on 29th,  October, 2010 with a very humble and sacrificial beginning by different people Including a group of concerned  parents and people with epilepsy, medical practitioners and interested parties who felt the needs and stood up to collectively raise a voice for persons with epilepsy and other mental seizures. The organization aims at fighting against epilepsy and other men­tal disabilities In different factors including health and wealth, psycho-social and legislative. The organization started in the Western Province of Rwanda / Rub­avu District and it is now spanning across all Rwandan territory.

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    Global Epileptic Connection (GECO), Published on 10-09-2019. Deadline Monday 23-09-2019
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