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HIGHSEC Ltd is a security company established since 2009 to provide security Guards with advanced SECURITY solutions to local and international organizations. It was registered by the Rwanda Development Board the same year and officially accepted by the Honorable Minister of Internal Security by issuing it the License to operate no. 422/0809 in accordance with the law no.46/2010 of 14/12/2010 determining the responsibility, mission, organization, and functioning of the Rwanda National Police, especially in its article no.41.Indeed it has been Licensed as Cleaning Company by RURA and Rwanda Development Board to provide cleaning services in Rwanda.

HIGHSEC Ltd is the Rwandan company leading in modern security systems and information technology solutions with extensive performance. We provide a variety range of the latest electronic security systems including but not limit to CCTV, IP, and Wireless, spy cameras, alarm systems, door access control, time and attendance machine, Walkthrough metal detectors, X-Ray luggage Scanner, firefighting equipments and much more.

Our Mission and Vision

One driving force behind HIGHSEC LTD philosophy is to provide security to organizations in the region with leading innovative security solutions at an affordable cost for their competitiveness and growth.

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