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SOUK Farms is one of the largest growers and exporters of fresh horticultural produce from Rwanda—the land of a thousand hills.

We export a variety of fruits and vegetables across Europe and the Middle East, while also serving consumers in our local market.

We work with over 1,200 farmers across Rwanda, with farming operations spanning 200 hectares of land. Of the total hectarage, we operate 130 hectares as our own farm. SOUK Farms one of the leading horticultural exporters in Rwanda.

Innovation and superior business operations are the cornerstones of our strategy. Despite the challenges brought about by climate change and disruptive rainfall patterns, we have invested in researching ways to strengthen the resilience of our farms and maintain consistent supplies to our customers. For example, we are incorporating drip irrigation across all our farms in order to increase efficiency of water use.

In this way, we strive to become the leading exporter of fresh horticultural produce in Rwanda

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