Consultancy service for “Onsite Training of the Richard Kandt Trail Tour Guides”

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 Consultancy service for “Onsite Training of the Richard Kandt Trail Tour Guides”

  “GIZ (German Development Cooperation) is a federally owned international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations. GIZ has worked in Rwanda for over 30 years. Its primary objectives are poverty reduction and promotion of sustainable development. “

A.    General Context of Eco-Emploi 2016 – 2019

Rwanda has maintained steady growth and macroeconomic stability for the past 15 years, between 2002 and 2016 real GDP growth averaged at about 9% per annum. However, the rate of unemployment and underemployment is high and most of those in employment still work in poorly paid positions, above all in agriculture. The vast majority of youth leave schools hardly equipped for the labor market. A strong middle class that could provide for a solid foundation for the country’s economy does not exist.         

The program Eco-Emploi is part of the priority area “Sustainable Economic Development” of the Rwandan-German Development Cooperation and will be implemented between June 2016 and December 2019. Eco-Emploi embodies an integrated approach of technical and vocational education and training, labour market interventions and private sector development. It supports the economic sectors ICT, E-commerce/ logistics, wood economy, tourism and creative industries [above all audio-visual business]. The economic empowerment of women and people with disabilities are a cross-cutting effort in all activities of the program. Eco Emploi’s success is mainly defined by the amount of jobs that are created through the program’s activities.

Rationale of the assignment

1)    Description of assignment

Tourism has been identified as a priority sector to achieve Rwanda’s development goals as set out in the Vision 2020. With the application of different efforts in the tourism value chain, the country has been able to make significant progress in developing and managing its tourism sector in recent years. To sustainably increase tourism in Rwanda through product development and diversification, the country is keen to develop a range of quality tourism products and services, capable of attracting and meeting the needs of international, regional and domestic visitors.

In this framework the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda in partnership with GIZ’s Eco-Emploi program, is under process of developing the Richard Kandt trail that will comprise all the landmarks and historical places explored by this German explorer and first colonial resident in Rwanda. The Richard Kandt trail will complement and be an added value to other tourism products existing in different corners of the country.

To accomplish this, the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda in partnership with the Eco-Emploi program is supporting the development of a mobile application and products around the Richard Kandt Trail as a way of promoting tourism at the different sites.

In addition to the ongoing product development around the Richard Kandt trail locations, the need to offer onsite trainings for potential onsite tour guides to have a clear understanding of the guiding service delivery related to the sites.

Process and methodology of the assignment

The objective of this assignment is to offer onsite trainings to different tour guides who had previously received theoretical trainings on tour guiding in relation to the Richard Kandt tourism product. This training will enable the identified local guides to acquire the necessary skills that will allow them to sell the products available at the different Richard Kandt sites.

The implementation of this assignment will be carried out in Shangi, Rusizi, Karongi, Bugesera, Musanze, Rubavu, Rutsiro, Rukarara, Mwogo river and Kigali sites through practical exercises in which the trainer creates different scenarios that are rehearsed and acted out by the trainees in a way that they should be led in a real-life tour experience, to ensure that the required knowledge and skills are applied.  

The following steps will be followed by the consultant during this assignment;

Step one: Field trip at each site: Before preparing the training content, the consultant will conduct a field trip at the beginning of the assignment to familiarise him/herself with the different sites as a guideline for what will be required during the trainings of the tour guides.

Step two: Training plan and material preparation: The consultant is expected to prepare the training plan and the materials that cover the training packages on basis of each Richard Kandt site. The training packages will be designed by the consultant in collaboration with Eco-Emploi.

Step three: Onsite guiding training: The trainer will offer onsite trainings to the guides in Shangi, Rusizi, Karongi, Bugesera, Musanze, Rubavu, Rutsiro, Rukarara, Mwogo river and Kigali sites. This will include the rehearsing of the activities scenarios over and over for the purpose of mastering the tour guiding services they will be offering to tourists visiting the Richard Kandt Trail sites.  

Particular attention should be paid to the storytelling related to Richard Kandt products at each of the locations and the Museum will provide a short narrative about Richard Kandt per site for the guides to memorize and explain to tourists each time they visit.

The Museum will also provide a reader for the guides with information about Richard Kandt and the consultant will be expected to provide this information to the guides and test them during the mock visits.

Step four:  Experience Testing: The trainer will use mock exercises to assess the understanding of the trained guides and the level of offering the Richard Kandt Trail products. This will consist of organizing field visits and practical experiences with Eco- Emploi and the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda staff. The trainer will use their feedback to identify the gaps and improve where necessary. Where possible, the consultant will involve the trained local guides in offering real services to the tourists.

Step five: Experience improvement: Based on the feedback given during the previous assignment, the trainer will fill the missing gaps to have appraised Richard Kandt Trail tour guiding services for the different onsite guides. The consultant should also provide basic marketing skills i.e. the use of social media among others to the guides that will be trained during the course of this assignment.

  • Step Six: Updating the Richard Kandt App: the consultant will take part in the process of updating the Richard Kandt application and a list of the trained onsite tour guides with their contact details should be added on Kandt App as a way of making it easy for tourists to access this information.

2)    Reporting and cooperation 

The consultant will report to the Private Sector Development component manager within the Eco-Emploi program. The consultant should also regularly provide basic information/ feedback of the training to Eco-Emploi (attendance and any other challenge faced in the process of the assignment).

3)    Monitoring and Evaluation

The entire training sessions will be monitored by the Eco-Emploi tourism team and the monitoring and evaluation team will conduct an evaluation session at the end of the training to confirm the results are conforming to the objectives of the training.

B.    Deliverables

 All reports/ training materials will be submitted in English to Eco-Empoi and overseen by the Tourism sector of the program together with the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda.


The following deliverables are expected by the end of the assignment:

  • An inception report including the training plan to be submitted 1 week after signing the contract, to be approved by GIZ and the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda.
  • A 5 days’ field visit to all Richard Kandt sites (The field visits start on 12th February 2019)
  • At least 5 short training sessions conducted at each Richard Kandt Trail site (To be completed by 8th March 2019).
  • Organized Richard Kandt Trail experience testing visits to each site with Eco-Emploi, the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda and the chamber of tourism staff (To be done not later than 27th March 2019)
  • An overview of what the visitor should expect beyond the Kandt story at the different sites. The consultant should verify the information provided in the mobile application for each site and prepare relevant additional information that will be uploaded by the museum to prepare the app. for marketing.
  • De-briefing with the main stakeholders at the end of this assignment. Summarized results and presentation of the strategy recommendations (To be done by 11th April, 2019)

Training material

  • The training materials have to be understandable and written in English
  • Training material has to be drafted and approved by the Eco-Emploi Program prior to being used. All materials have to comply with GIZ corporate design standards.


The report is to adhere to the following structure:

  • Executive Summary
  • Trainees’ needs before the training
  • Training process/ results of the training
  • Improvements made after the training
  • Recommendations

C.    Timeframe of the assignment

The assignment is to start on 30th January 2019 ending on the 30th April 2019  

D.    Key characteristics of the trainers

Experience and Academic Background

  • The consultant should have at least a bachelor’s degree in travel and tourism or any other relevant field.
  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience in conducting onsite trainings of tour guides.
  • The consultant has experience as a tour guide/ operator and possesses a clear understanding of what tourists are looking for considering the domestic and international market.

E.    Contact

In case of questions regarding the assignment, please contact us at Please note that for a fair tender process, we only point to publicly available information.

F.    Application  

The interested candidates should submit their technical and financial offers in sealed and separated envelops (one envelop for the technical offer and another for financial offer) to the reception desk of the following address:

GIZ – Kigali Office

KN 41Ave, N° 17 – Kiyovu

B.P 59 Kigali – Rwanda

Not later than 18 January 2019 at 4:00 PM Kigali time