​Supply pruning training materials (Pruning shear and Pruning saws)

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P.O BOX 864 Kigali, Rwanda


Sustainable Harvest Rwanda (SHR) is a local NGO having a goal of improving the livelihoods of low-income women farmers and their families through collective trainings that create the basis for more transparent trade, improved quality and higher prices in the coffee sector aligned with the EDPRS2 goals.

Therefore, Sustainable Harvest Rwanda is looking for potential companies to supply pruning training materials (Pruning shear and Pruning saws) for its beneficiaries located in 12 Districts of Rwanda. The tender is in one (1) indivisible lot.

Interested companies must provide the following documents before being given the detailed information on this Request For Quotation:

  1. Have experience of 5 years in performing similar services
  2. Original or notarized copy of the Agro-dealer license from MINAGRI
  3. Provide 3 recommendation letters of similar related services
  4. Copy of Certificate of incorporation
  5. Original or notarized copy of the Rwanda Social Security Board certificate
  6. Tax clearance certificate issued by RRA
  7. A confirmation that the bidder has Electronic Billing Machine [EBM]
  8. Original or notarized copy of the Non-bankruptcy certificate from RDB
  9. Produce final sample to be delivered (see technical specifications)

Well printed bids, properly bound and presented in four copies, one of which should be the original and three copies must reach the Procurement Committee of SHR at its Head office located at Kimihurura, KG 674St, house No 26 not later than the 25th June 2018 at 12:00pm local time (late bids are automatically rejected). For more inquiries, please send your email at jeandamour@sustainableharvest.com and copy christine@sustainableharvest.com

Done at Kigali, on 12th June 2018

Christine CONDO

East Africa Regional Director