Analytical Laboratory Manager     

Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA)

A unique English-language institution, RICA combines research, education, and extension services to train Rwanda’s next generation of leaders in agriculture, while supporting national priorities for agricultural development.

RICA students will learn the principles of Conservation Agriculture and One Health, with an emphasis on building communication, leadership, and entrepreneurship skills. Students will gain hands-on experience in smallholder farming, while also being exposed to six different enterprise-scale agribusinesses during their course of study. They will also engage closely with local farming communities through on-site extension education and through the NASHO Irrigation Cooperative to ensure research insights are informed by local needs and knowledge is transferred to benefit local communities.


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Analytical Laboratory Manager                                                            

The Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA) is a unique and innovative English language institution dedicated to preparing the next generation of agricultural leaders of Rwanda and East Africa. Students at RICA will engage in curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities emphasizing practical hands-on skills, Conservation Agriculture and One Health principles, oral and written communication, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

In an experiential learning environment, students will develop the knowledge and experience necessary for a wide range of careers in agriculture. Students at RICA will gain experience in the six Enterprises that include, Dairy, Poultry and Swine, Row and Forage Crops, Vegetable and Fruit Crops, Irrigation and Mechanization, and Agroprocessing. All RICA graduates will be innovative problem solvers able to operate farms and ranches, start agribusinesses, assume management roles in cooperatives, NGOs, and other agricultural enterprises, serve their communities as extension agents and technical and policy experts, or take on positions of agricultural leadership in Rwanda.


We are seeking an Analytical Laboratory Manager to provide leadership and analytical skills to support RICA’s applied research, extension, and teaching programs. The ideal candidate will have a background in operating and maintaining the range of analytical equipment used in an agricultural research laboratory, supervising staff in lab operations, and teaching use of instrumentation and analytical methods to undergraduate students. The candidate will commit to the RICA vision and mission, which celebrates experiential learning founded in research and extended to the community.


  • Provide vision and dynamic leadership in the direction, administration, and management of RICA’s Analytical Laboratory, providing accurate and timely analytical results in support of RICA’s teaching, research and extension efforts.
  • Provide expertise in operation and maintenance of all analytical laboratory equipment. Develop quality control standards, operations, and maintenance procedures.
  • Provide knowledge and direction of analytical methods used for soil, plant, food products, water, and livestock feed analysis.
  • Effectively manage and supervise staff and students in operation and maintenance of the Analytical Lab.
  • Oversee regular maintenance and calibration of lab instrumentation.
  • Maintain stocks of glassware, reagents, and other materials necessary to operate the the lab.
  • Work with faculty to maintain supplies of reagents and glassware in RICA teaching laboratories (chemistry, biology, soils), as well as ensure that instruments in teaching labs are maintained and calibrated.
  • Work with faculty in design of research, extension, and teaching projects that utilize the Analytical Lab.
  • Serve as the focal person for laboratory services to the community and RICA stakeholders.
  • Provide instruction to students on equipment operation and analytical procedures.
  • Fulfill other responsibilities and duties as assigned.


  • Fluent speaker of English.
  • BS degree in agriculture, natural resources, chemistry, life sciences, or affiliated fields.
  • Minimum two years’ experience working in an analytical laboratory.
  • Demonstrated experience in operation and maintenance of key instrumentation, including: atomic absorption spectrophotometry, UV/VIS spectrophotometry, elemental analyzer and specific ion meters.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently, but also to work effectively in teams.
  • Experience supervising staff


  • MS degree in agriculture, natural resources, chemistry, life sciences, or affiliated fields.
  • Five years’ experience managing an analytical laboratory.


Staff at RICA will be part of creating something unique in the world. While working with world- class educators and researchers, you will transform agriculture in Rwanda and East Africa for a conservation-minded and food-secure future. RICA staff also receive a salary commensurate with the applicant’s background, and a relocation allowance.


  • Fill the information required, upload and submit the documents in English to the link provided below.

Please combine your resume/CV with your degree certificate as one PDF file before you upload.

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Application review will begin February 21, 2022 and will continue until the position is filled.



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