Answers to questions asked by some Offerors

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To:  Offerors

Date: March 11, 2020

From: USAID Nguriza Nshore Activity (Implemented by DAI Global LLC)

Subject: Request for Proposals (RFP) – Embedded Technical Advisor in a Commercial Bank

Due: 5:00 PM Central Africa Time (CAT), March 20, 2020


Dear Offerors:

This is a follow-on advertisement in connection with the above-referenced subject, please refer to the following link: nical_advisor_commercial_bank

We would like to share with you the answers to questions that were asked by some offerors for clarification and the following answers are now part of the above mentioned ‘Request for Proposals (RFP) – Embedded Technical Advisor in a Commercial Bank’ Requirements:


Question #1: What is the funding approach to that commercial bank: Result-based, Matching, any other?

Nguriza Nshore Response: The funding approach used to finance support to the bank is provided by USAID through the Nguriza Nshore Activity. The mechanism—Independent Contractor Agreement or Fixed Price Purchase Order—will be financed by USAID through the Activity.


Question #2: Are existing financing gaps to SMEs already identified by that commercial bank? If NO, will the identification of those gaps be part of the assignment?

Nguriza Nshore Response: Yes. Additional “gaps” might be identified during the assignment.


Question #3: Can you please confirm if the information pasted below is considered part of the 10-page technical proposal or separate? Would I need to condense my

current 8.5 page CV covering over 24 years MSME experience into 2 slides or can I       include my entire CV as an attachment?

Nguriza Nshore Response: Yes, you will need to conform to the requirements outlined in the RFP. Attachments will not be considered.


Question #4: Regarding the financial proposal, when calculating LoE and price per day; is there a requirement to stay within the maximum daily fee allowed by USAID? If so, what is the amount?

Nguriza Nshore Response: The contract will be “deliverable-based” and evaluated on

the Offeror’s deliverable-based pricing, associated historical experience and bill rates as evidenced and verified in the Offeror’s CV(s) and Employee Biographical Data (EBD) sheet(s). CVs and EBDs will be collected by Nguriza Nshore and verified during negotiations with the successful bidder.

Note from the RFP:

The cost proposal must propose a fixed price including cost details for associated deliverables. Offerors must also include a cost breakdown of the hourly rates for proposed personnel, any direct costs, indirect costs, and fees if applicable with a build-up to the total proposed price. Cost breakdowns included will be utilized to determine price reasonableness. Offerors must use the attached cost/budget template; limit file submissions to 10 megabytes or less.


The cost proposal will be evaluated separately from the technical approach, with strict consideration for realism, price reasonableness, and allowability consistent with US government cost principles. Evaluation for this section will be dependent upon all information presented by the Offeror in their deliverable table, budget with cost breakdowns, and any relevant supporting cost information, as well as its alignment with the proposed technical approach.

The RFP does not mention USAID billing thresholds, only allowability, and consistency with USG cost principles.


Thank you,

DAI Nguriza Nshore Technical and Procurement Teams