ATS Inspector Trainee

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Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA)

Kigali International Airport

B.P: 1122

Opening date: 05th/November/2019

Closing date: 22nd/November/2019

Brief Background:

Rwanda civil aviation Authority is a Government institution established by Law No 03/2017 of 21/02/2017 determining its mission, organization, and functioning as amended to date. RCAA has a legal personality and is governed in accordance with laws governing organs of Public Service.

To achieve its mission RCAA would like to recruit qualified staff to fill the attached vacant positions on its Organization structure. Details on positions advertised including terms of reference, required profile and number of positions are obtained from the RCAA website.

Interested candidates should submit the following documents to RCAA Head Office at Kigali International Airport not later than Friday, 22nd November 2019 at 5 P.M:

  • A filled application form obtained from the RCAA website:
  • A copy of CV
  • A copy of the required degree or diploma and certificates and equivalency certificate from HEC for foreign degrees
  • Copy of National ID




Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority


  1. ATS Inspector trainee (1)

Job title

ATS Inspector trainee

Report to

Manager of Air Navigation Services


 Job description  

  • ATS Inspector designs, develop, promulgates and reviews ATS safety standards.
  • Performs safety oversight of the provision of air traffic services in accordance with the applicable regulations, standards, and directives by regular audits/inspections, desktop audits of documentation prior to a field audit, quality assurance; and
  • Ensures compliance through enforcement where required.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Identifies the inspectorate’s needs and implements appropriate strategies to achieve planned goals;
  • Reviews ATS regulations and technical guidance material relevant to ATS for amendments and/or updates based on new or amended ICAO SARPs and Documents;
  • Evaluates ATS provider manuals for approval/acceptance
  • Identifies and facilitates relevant learning and development activities within the Section to ensure high professional standards;
  • Identifies and facilitates relevant learning and development activities within the Section to ensure high professional standards
  • Plans organizes and carries out the inspection/audit and surveillance activities of ATS operations and systems

Job requirements   

  • A degree from a recognized University with science subjects preferably in Mathematics, Physics, Geography or another related discipline.
  • Strong computer skills in MS Office;
  • Fluency in English and or French
  • Be Rwandan
  • Below 30 years or having an Air Traffic Service certificate or
  • A valid language proficiency certificate