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Banking System and Database Administration Officer


COPEDU PLC is a microfinance institution that provides financial services such as credits and savings to its customers. COPEDU LTD was registered as a Microfinance Company in Rwanda Development Board (RDB) on February 21, 2013, with a certificate to perform microfinance services by the Central Bank of Rwanda (BNR) on 13th/03/2014.
On 25th/01/2019, COPEDU LTD changed its name to COPEDU PLC following the provisions of Law N ° 17/2018 of 13/04/2018 governing commercial companies. This means that COPEDU PLC is a Public Limited Company that can call on the public for investments as shares.

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COPEDU PLC, is a trading company engaged in savings and credits. It was registered as a trading company in the Development Bank (RDB) on February 21, 2013 and licensed by the Central Bank of Rwanda (BNR) on 13/03/2014 to operates as a microfinance institution in Rwanda.

COPEDU PLC wishes to encourage all qualified, capable, and interested candidates to apply for the vacant positions here below:

Banking System and Database Administration Officer

General Description

The Banking System and Database Administration Officer is responsible for the maintenance and performance of the core banking system and database, including installations, maintenance, and upgrades. It must respond to the needs or problems of COPEDU Plc and ensure a thorough understanding of solutions to sort out the needs of COPEDU Plc.

Task Descriptions

  • Provide governance, control and risk management in systems administration processes and ensure data integrity of all published reports.
  • Recommend temporary solutions to problems to improve customer service
  • Ensure governance, control, and risk management in database management by scheduling and executing regular backups
  • Plan, manage, and test recovery procedures, control access to permissions and privileges, and monitor and audit security logs
  • Investigate, diagnose, and resolve anomalies
  • Design, develop and improve the database
  • Perform regular backups of computer systems, end-of-day and month-end activities and ensures that backup media is stored in a controlled and secure location.
  • Contribute to the development of database management procedures, standards, and policies
  • Perform any other similar tasks assigned to him by his superior


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information technology
  • At least 2 years’ experience in similar field or IT Department in the bank
  • Proficiency in computer languages
  • Mastery of the design principles of a user interface
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Rigorous, methodical, detail-oriented, and able to synthesize information
  • Integrity and ethics

All Applications must include a motivation,ID Copy, a detailed Curriculum Vitae  and a copy of degree; which will be sent to the following e-mail address: no later than Tuesday, January 31st, 2023.

Done  on January 16th, 2023.


Managing Director

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