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Business Development Expert


We promote inclusive economic, social and ecological development  to make an effective contribution towards sustainable and widespread prosperity in developing and emerging economies. With this objective in mind, we offer the chance to economically and socially disadvantaged people to improve their lives on their own initiative.

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Business Development Expert



Expected Assignment Period:

June 2024

Persons Responsible:

Market manager


CASA is an FCDO - International Climate Finance (ICF) funded programme driving global investment for inclusive climate-resilient agri-food systems that increase smallholder incomes. CASA makes the case to impact and return-oriented investors for increased investment in agribusinesses that work with smallholder supply chains. The programme achieves this goal by:

  • Demonstrating the commercial viability and investment-readiness of small and medium-sized (SME) agribusinesses with significant smallholder supply chains
  • Helping investors to increase the impact of their investments through the provision of inclusive technical assistance.
  • Strengthening the socio-legal empowerment of smallholders within value chains
  • Tackling the information and evidence gaps holding back investment

For demonstrating the commercial and development potential of smallholder sourcing models, CASA focuses on catalytic interventions in the agriculture sectors of Ethiopia, Malawi, Nepal and Rwanda that support Agri-SMEs prepare for and secure investment while connecting smallholders to commercial markets.

CASA’s work on research and communications is structured around identifying constraints, opportunities and addressing evidence gaps through research; shaping the debate on smallholder agriculture to influence actions of investors, governments, and donors; and creating networking opportunities through events and stakeholder engagement.


NCG is a Rwandese-owned private company legally registered in 2019. NCG established a hatchery that has increased their potential production capacity from 25,000-day old chicks (DOC) four years ago, when they started operations, to 115,000 DOC per month.

NCG has a parent stock that is renewed every 18 months. It provides eggs for hatching and supplies DOCs to farmers. The DOCs are sold across Rwanda, but mainly in Kigali and Rubavu, which accounts for 50%-70% of its business, while the rest are sold in neighbouring countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi.

NCG plans to increase production of DOCs and meet the high demand of broiler chicken to provide quality chicken meat. NCG will engage with smallholder farmers as out-growers to implement the new output contract farming model and increase its throughput.


To empower Agri-SME partners and unlock financing opportunities, CASA has committed to supporting NCG in becoming investment-ready and accessing financing. To facilitate this, CASA Rwanda intends to engage the services of an investment readiness expert. This expert will support the program team in enabling NCG to secure and effectively manage financing and investments, particularly in ensuring their green transition and business growth. The expert will ensure that NCG has access to information on available financing facilities and requirements, is familiar with the regulatory requirements for accessing green and commercial financing and is prepared to pay for investment support services in the future.


The primary objective of this assignment is to provide technical support to NCG, which will: Prepare for loans by strengthening their financial management practices, preparing bankable business plans, improving business management, creating convincing loan proposals, and effectively navigating the loan application process, Enhance their investor appeal by developing comprehensive business plans, refining their value propositions, and effectively communicating their investment potential to possible FSPs and investors for business expansion via tailored fundraising strategies aligned with their specific needs and objectives.


Under the overall management of the Market Manager, the Expert will support the NCG team to develop and incorporate investment readiness and access to financing within the NCG.

The specific duties of the Expert include:

  • Evaluating NCG's financial health, operational effectiveness, and strategic direction
  • Working with NCG to define clear objectives for investment, such as expansion, product development, or market penetration.
  • Ensuring NCG's financial statements are accurate, up-to-date, and meet accounting standards,
  • Conducting a thorough examination of the NCG's legal documents, contracts, permits, and compliance requirements.
  • Refining, for an investor audience, a comprehensive business plan outlining the NCG's vision, strategy, market analysis, competitive landscape, and financial projections.
  • Helping NCG understand the specific criteria potential investors prioritize in their industry and target market.
  • Evaluating the NCG's management team's capabilities and expertise and identify any areas requiring improvement.
  • Refining the NCG's market positioning and articulate their unique value proposition (UVP).
  • Identifying opportunities for the NCG to improve existing offerings, enhancing competitiveness and market appeal.


All the deliverables that relate to the implementing partners policies and systems must be vetted and approved by CASA and the partner to be deemed as having been satisfactorily completed. The required deliverables Include:

  1. A Copy of business plan developed or revised to attract private investors or Commercial Banks (CBs).
  2. Training in the investment readiness through strengthening their financial management practices – Financial advisory services report
  3. Staff training on preparing loan proposals and loan management report & fully signed staff training attendance
  4. Financial advisory services report
  5. Investment plan reports
  6. Detailed report on market positioning, product, operations, and efficiency



Expected Start Date: June 2024

Expected End Date: August 2024

Assignment Days

Up to 12 work-days

Reporting Lines

The consultant will report to the CASA market Manager and NCG CEO.


Key qualification and field of expertise for the ideal expert are:

  • Education: Bachelor’s in; Finance, Business Management or in other relevant fields (Master’s in business administration is preferred);
  • Bachelor’s degree holder should have a minimum of 10 years of professional experience in the financial system or business development, while Master’s degree holders should demonstrate a minimum of 7 years of professional experience;
  • Qualified financial (or at least part-qualified with a recognised financial professional body);
  • Demonstrable prior experience in business development services with evidence of successfully securing investment is preferred.
  • Excellent critical thinking, financial and data analytical skills - proficient in MS Excel and strong ability to model financial information;
  • Demonstrable relationship management and performance management skills;
  • Excellent written and oral communication, listening and interpersonal skills with the ability to deal tactfully and diplomatically with a wide range of people combined with an appreciation of the importance of confidentiality;
  • Willingness to take on new assignments at short notice and travel frequently to remote places;
  • Ability to make decisions regarding own work, often in ambiguous situations and suggest recommendations regarding own function/discipline;
  • Ability to function with minimum guidance and under pre-set procedures with attention to detail; and
  • Able to exercise independent judgment within defined policies and practices.


As per Swisscontact norms and mutually agreed during the signing of the contract.


Interested candidates should send their applications no later than June 21st, 2024 via email at

Note: This term of reference can be amended by the Country Manager as necessary.

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