Call for Applications: Business Trainings for Business owners , Aspire Entrepreneurs


Sinapis trains entrepreneurs on how to scale their businesses while also making a social and spiritual impact in their community. Our mission is to make disciples and alleviate poverty through the power of entrepreneurship. We do these through the Aspire Launchpad program in Rwanda.

Sinapis Aspire Launchpad is a 9-week training program for idea stage entrepreneurs in Kenya that helps entrepreneurs build a scalable business model while integrating their faith into the business. Classes are on Saturdays for 4 hours. Aspire’s training is developed in partnership with Co.Starters. It is a discussion-based course where entrepreneurs refine their ideas while engaging each other.

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Call for Applications – Business Trainings for Business Owners and Aspire  Entrepreneurs (Aspire Program) at Sinapis

Did you know that 46% of Sinapis Aspire Launchpad alumni reported at the end of our program that they knew where to go to get the additional help they needed? 76% of our alumni are still in business 3 years after training. We can help you start and grow a successful business this season.

Aspire is a 9-week entrepreneurship program for idea-stage and early-stage entrepreneurs in Rwanda who is looking to start and or  build scalable businesses while integrating their faith into their business.

This program is for you if you are:

  • Employed but looking for a side-hustle/extra source of income
  • A student leaving campus and wants to go into entrepreneurship
  • Transitioning from employment into entrepreneurship
  • Looking to finally convert your idea into a business or you want to start a business or an NGO
  • SME CEO’s ,business consultants ,social enterprise owners

By the end of the program you’ll be able to:

  • We will help you to covert your idea into an executable business
  • Refine your business idea & gain the clarity to tackle the next steps
  • Establish the right structures for your business
  • Get access to mentorship, coaching, access to capital and potential investment & more
  • Get Programme Certificate accredited by USA Entrepreneurs Organization like CO.STARTERS etc
  • Unlimited professional business consultancy trainings givena for free to our alumni

Limited spaces are available for the class so kindly apply early.

Program details

Start date: Saturday 10 th December 2022

Venue: Centre Saint Paul Hotel, next to Saint Famille close to City Roundabout, Kigali

Duration: 9 weeks (Only every Saturday morning from 09:00-12:30)

Cost: 63,000 RWF (Payable in up to 9 installments of 7,000 RWF each. The full fee can also be paid at once)

To find out more about what to expect in the program, you can watch one of our alumni speak about it here –

For more information, email, visit our website / or contact us at +250 788 277 987 or +250 788 496 252

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