Call for Expression of Interest for Freelance Training Services

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SKILLS HUB INTERNATIONAL (SHI) Ltd is a subsidiary of ONCG GLOBAL HOLDINGS LTD a multidisciplinary consulting group operating across African continent. SKILLS HUB INTERNATIONAL is registered in Rwanda since 2013 to offer a wide range of world-class training services, recruitment services and employment services to corporate and individual clients.

It also offers cutting edge business and management customized training programs. Our training services Professional training services, Executive Training and in-house training services. Training services are provided via two schools namely School of Business Professionals and School of Business Executives.

In addition, SKILLS HUB INTERNATIONAL as a Capacity building specialized supplier, offers Employment related services such Recruitment services, headhunting, Job-Connect and Refresher course services to both employers and job seekers.


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Call for Expression of Interest for Freelance Training services


Skills Hub International (SHI) Ltd is a Private Training services provider registered in Rwanda since 2013. The Company is part of a global Consulting Holding called ONCG Global Holdings Ltd. Skills Hub International Ltd is an Accredited Test Centre for Digital Skills by ICDL Africa with a mandate to provide training and employment related services of first choice to our clients in the region through assistances in the process of creating sustainable values.

Purpose: The aim of this training services is to fulfil Skills Hub International Ltd business mandates of providing trainings and employment related services.

Key duties and responsibilities;

Under the Leadership of the Executive Director, the Freelance trainer will have the following responsibilities:

i)To prepare training materials as module summaries, Pdf documents, videos, and PowerPoint presentations for trainees that will be approved by the management of Skills Hub International Ltd.
ii) To conduct training programs for administration, middle management, and front-line staff, and other category of trainees;
iii) To work with the management of Skills Hub International Ltd to schedule training programs for clients;
iv) To keep up with and applies the latest teaching techniques;
v)  To work to keep training programs vibrant and entertaining in order to engage trainees;
vi) To ensure that all training materials and programs are compliant with laws and regulations governing the industry;
vii) To gather feedback from trainees and trainers after each session;
viii) To conduct performance progress assessments within and after each training sessions;
ix) Prepare final test and related marking guide after each training session.

Eligibility: This “Call for Expression of Interest for Freelance Training Services” is open to individual trainers with professional and vast exposure to trainings at high level in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • International Financial Reporting
  • Business Management and Leadership
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Business strategy and Business Modelling
  • Treasury and Investment
  • Human Resources Management
  • Enterprise Risk management
  • Internal Audit
  • Planning and Control
  • Banking specialities
  • Insurance specialities
  • Hospitality Specialities
  • NGO specialities

Documents to be submitted include:

i) A signed Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) with professional related work referees.
ii) Notarized copies of Degrees and other related academic certificates
iii) A softcopy of PowerPoint Presentation of Training materials delivered in the previous 2 years.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

i) Fluent in spoken and written English
ii) Knowledge of terminology specific to the company.
iii) Must have exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
iv) Must be a compelling public speaker.
v) Must have the ability to engage trainees in discussions during educational sessions.
vi) Must have excellent interpersonal skills.
vii) Must have strong time management skills as well as be an effective multi-tasker.
viii) Exceptional leadership and management skills.
ix) Knowledge of Microsoft Word Suite including PowerPoint for the purpose of producing training materials and presentations.
x) Must have excellent reading comprehension skills as well as the ability to be an active listener.
xi) Must have strong critical thinking and analytical skills.
xii) Must have good problem-solving and decision-making skills along with the ability to exercise sound judgment.

Education and Experience:

i) At least Bachelor’s degree in relevant training area(s)
ii) At least five years related services/Industry
iii) Industrial Practice experience in the chosen training area(s) would be an added advantage

Language: Application must be made in the English Language.

Deadline for the submission: This call is valid until January 25th 2022 close of business 05:00 pm there after the evaluation will resume within one Week. All submissions and inquiries shall be emailed to with copy to

The subject line must be indicated as, Application for SHI Freelance Trainer

Validity period: All applications will be assumed to be valid as will be stipulated in the contract between parties, unless otherwise specifically requested in writing by either party.


The Management

Skills Hub International Ltd


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