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Call for Application for Facilitating an Advocacy Workshop Ubuntu Care and Making it Work Gender and Disability Projects

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 I.  Background

Since 2013, Humanity & inclusion (HI) implemented the first phase of the Ubuntu Care project in Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya. This multi-country project is funded by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD). It is a project that deploys an inclusive child protection safety net model involving children, families, communities, services, and authorities to protect children from sexual violence and support survivors and their parents/guardians to facilitate access to immediate assistance, long-term reintegration, and sustainable inclusion. Its third phase III (Feb 2019-Jan 2022) is the exit one. It has two major objectives: 1) to hand over to local structures in each country/area of intervention and to disseminate best practices and lessons learnt from the previous  phases in Rwanda and Kenya with the help of partners DUTERIMBERE ONG in Rwanda and CYDP in Kenya; 2) to develop advocacy actions in order to institutionalize the model, which will involve advocacy at local, national, regional and international levels on the protection of children with or without disabilities against sexual violence as well as creating and/or joining alliances at national and regional levels.

Making It Work Gender and Disability (MIW) project supports partner organizations in 8 African countries, women with and without disabilities’ organizations, addressing violence against women with disabilities. This support aims to help the partners to increase the impact of their activities. Especially, MIW supports 2 organizations in Rwanda and 5 in Kenya.

Ubuntu and MIW teams are joining forces to organize a workshop dedicated to the strengthening of advocacy around the themes of violence against women, girls, and boys with disabilities.

The preparation and facilitation of this workshop will be done by the consultant, as described in this offer. The workshop will take place in a conference centre near Kigali, Rwanda from 22 to 26 March 2021.

II. Workshop objectives

     1.    General objective

  • Increase the inclusion of girls, boys, and women with disabilities in public policies addressing violence against them.

     2.    Specific objectives

  • Build the capacity of HI teams, Ubuntu Care project partners, and Making It Work network partners on different advocacy techniques so that they are able to carry out joint advocacy actions.
  • Increase their knowledge on key advocacy stakeholders in their national and sub-regional context
  • Engage the participating organizations in a joint advocacy initiative agreed on and developed during the workshop

III. Consultant’s tasks

  • Develop a facilitation plan
  • Develop participants' advocacy knowledge and skills: key concepts, steps and tools for effective advocacy
  • Support the teams in defining a common cause with one or 2 common advocacy targets
  • Support the teams to develop a common advocacy plan
  • Support teams to develop an action plan including monitoring and evaluation aspects to carry out the advocacy plan
  • Write and share a summary report of the advocacy workshop including the action plan produced.

IV. MIW Project Manager and Ubuntu Care Project Regional Coordinator‘s Tasks and responsibilities

  • Participate in the selection process
  • Participate in preparatory meetings
  • Share guidelines on gender-based violence and disability
  • Oversee the overall development of workshop materials and ensure coordination with technical referents at headquarters
  • Supervise and attend the workshop facilitated by the consultant
  • Make payment upon completion of the task in accordance with the contract and the deliverables

V. Consultancy duration and schedule

The consultancy will last at most 7 days of actual paid work including a preparation and reporting of 2 days and 5 days of workshop facilitation.

The workshop will take place from 22 to 26 March 2021.

VI. Expected deliverables

  • A detailed facilitation plan proposal: it must describe the themes, duration, and teaching methods used, preliminary work on the content, which must be approved by Ubuntu and MIW before starting the workshop.
  • A common cause with one or 2 common advocacy targets between Ubuntu and MIW partners
  • A joint advocacy plan of Ubuntu and MIW
  • A detailed advocacy action plan including monitoring and evaluation aspects to carry out the advocacy plan
  • A synthetic workshop report

VII.  Resources

       1. Consultant’s Required expertise

  • Master's degree in international relationship , human rights, or other social sciences (or equivalent by experience)
  • Recognized professional experience in advocacy
  • Proven positive experience in conducting workshops, with a good knowledge of facilitation techniques and an appetite for facilitation
  • Good understanding of the Rwandan context: key persons and possible targets, the main actors, and the links between child protection, gender-based violence, and disability.
  • Experience in working with international NGOs specializing in GBV and disability is a plus.
  • Excellent command of French or English (spoken and written)
  • Willingness to adhere to Fédération Handicap International's institutional policies (prevention and fight against corruption, child protection, protection of beneficiaries against sexual abuse, gender policy). Available on the website Some of the policies are attached to this document.

       2.  Other resources available 

  • HI staff for administrative and technical support
  • Existing HI policies and relevant external bibliographic resources.

VIII. Soumission of bids

The technical offer must be sent to the following email address: at the latest on March 2, 2021 at midnight. Clarifications can be requested from Sophie Pecourt

The technical offer must include:

  • a cover letter,
  • a curriculum vitae specifying similar experience in such consultancy,
  • the contact details of three referees,
  • A facilitation plan proposal

 Applications from women and persons with disabilities are strongly recommended.

IX. Appendices

Done at Kigali, Feb 17, 2021


Mélanie Geiser

Country Manager