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Call for Expression of Interest to Sell its Plot No UPI 1/02/07/01/1022

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Reference is made to resolution of the APAPER General Assemble held on 27th Dec 2019 to sell its Plot No  UPI 1/02/07/01/1022 located at Kacyiru Secondary and Technical School to allow the Board Members to sell the Plot and transform the Rukiri Plot. APAPER would like to invite all interested and potential buyers to bid for the above mentioned land. 

The conditions needed to bid for the above mentioned plot is as follows:

Stage I: Submission of documents not later 31st May 2021

  1. A letter of interest addressed to the Legal Representative showing the Interest to buy this Plot. (No price should be indicated in this letter)
  2. A Bank Slip showing that the company or individual deposited 50,000,000 Rwandan Francs (Fifty Millions Rwandan Francs) refundable fee at APAPER account No 00040-00043294-65 found in Bank de Kigali (BK).
  3. Present a Bank Promissory note of 2,000,000,000 Rwf (Two billions Rwandan Francs)
  4. All the above documents should be put in a well sealed envelope and be submitted to APAPER secretariat office not later than 31st May 2021

 Stage II: Submission of financial offer on the 30th of June2021

  1. The letter which indicates the offer (amount of money in Rwandan Francs) that you need to buy the land will be brought by the bidder the same day of opening the letters publicly on the 30th of June2021 at 10h00 am at APAPER Kacyiru.

Note: 1. Any offer below 1,700,000,000 Rwandan Francs will not be considered.

  1. Visiting the plot is from Monday to Saturday 8h00 am to 6h00 pm
  2. The winner will be the one who will offer the greatest price and should be flexible on how payment will be done and will have to respect the period for Evacuation plan of the school which might go up to one academic year (9) months as the school will need to be built elsewhere.

More Information please call +250 78851301 or  +250 788232154


APAPER Legal Representative