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Call for Proposals for Health Promotion Sensitization and Awareness on Covid-19 and other Communicable Diseases in Musanze and Rubavu

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Established in 1951, IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners.


Health promotion sensitization and awareness on Covid-19 and other communicable diseases

1.    Background and context 

Established in 1951, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the leading intergovernmental organization in the field of migration and is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society.

Through the project entitled “WASH and health promotion sensitization and awareness on covid-19 and other communicable diseases in the EAC Region “, and the project IOM aims to increase awareness and enhance health and hygiene protective behaviors and practices to prevent the spread of zoonotic and water-borne infectious diseases including COVID-19, in Rubavu and Musanze Districts targeting PoE and communities gathering areas such markets, bus stations, etc. 

Access to safe and clean water and sufficient sanitation and hygiene practices reduce the exposure to infectious diseases including COVID 19 within the susceptible populations. Equally, hygiene promotion and etiquette are widely recognized to be one of the most effective tools to reduce the spread of infectious diseases among communities and hygiene campaigns are vital to safeguard communities against infectious diseases.

Awareness-raising and education on management of waterborne and zoonoses diseases, need to consider all routes of contamination, including food, human contact, water, and control of waterborne disease from diverse sources. Source controls and close-to-source controls have particular significance, as they act on a range of known, potential, and unknown pathogens. Community mobilization and participatory approaches can help to strengthen the capabilities of those communities. In this line, it is crucial to strengthen community knowledge on and change the behavior towards using and handling water safely. Hygiene promotion strategies should be sustainable in the long term and over a geographical area.

To achieve this, one of the project activities is to organize awareness-raising sessions for border communities at Points of Entries (PoEs), trucks drivers, migrants, cross-border traders, etc. in the districts of Musanze and Rubavu. It is against this background that IOM seeks an implementing partner to provide COVID-19 and WASH awareness-raising messages to the population in Musanze and Rubavu Districts and particularly the border zones in line with the Government of Rwanda’s measures to combat the spread of COVID-19. Implementation modalities shall include community sensitization using radios in congregation points (PoEs, markets, bus stations, etc.), radio shows and mobile vans to reach a large audience of people in border communities.

2.    Scope of the Call for Proposals

The aim of the activity is for border community members, cross border traders, truck drivers, migrants including women and children, to be reached with the prevention key messages and acquire knowledge concerning fighting against the spread of COVID 19 and other communicable diseases, to recognize symptoms and to know and apply hygiene practices to reduce the exposure to infectious diseases.

IOM Rwanda is seeking applications from eligible Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Rwanda, with experience in delivering COVID-19/health and Wash awareness-raising messages, in bordering communities of Musanze and Rubavu in Rwanda.

The selected IP will also be requested to support the data collection activities aiming at providing fact-based information for preventive and surveillance activities in the said districts. This will be done through the identification, recruitment and supervision of 10 enumerators (expected duration: 2 weeks).

3.    Guidelines for Submitting Applications

3.1    Geographical Coverage and Project Duration

The proposed activities should cover Point of Entries (PoEs), marketplace, bus parks, cross border areas in Musanze and Rubavu for a (minimum) period of 1 month.  

3.2    Indicative Activities

Activities to be covered by the successful candidate are, but not limited to, the following:

  • Conduct awareness-raising sessions for hygiene and health promotion sensitization and awareness on covid-19 and other communicable diseases through speakers, megaphones, and mobile sound systems.
  • Delivering COVID-19 and WASH awareness-raising messages about the prevention, hygiene practices, which promoted good handwashing behavior, sanitation, physical distancing, and the use of face masks, social media messages, radio announcements, and recordings broadcasted from cars in bordering communities
  • Conduct awareness-raising sessions at gathering areas such as markets, bus parks, PoE, and at the border areas.
  • Ensure that all activities are in line with the Government of Rwanda’s COVID-19 measures, and any other regulation.
  • Ensure that activities include a gender lens in order to reach men, women, boys, and girls and observe gender sensitivity.
  • Ensure that adequate visibility is given to IOM and its donor.
  • Produce a final report

3.3    Requirements for the Organizations submitting proposals are the following:

  • Registered and free of any limitations to organize in Rwanda the activities pertinent to this Call
  • At least 4 years of experience (either as an organization or as individuals who will make up the implementation team) in developing awareness-raising campaign sessions as well as cooperating with local and national authorities
  • Strong track record of previous work in awareness-raising on COVID and WASH
  • Established relationships with the relevant authorities in the districts at all administrative levels as well as in multiple sector administrations on issues that are relevant to the deliverables in the present call.

3.4    Duration of Assignment

The successful candidate would be engaged by IOM a minimum period of 1 months to deliver awareness raising campaign; IOM may and or may not consider extending the contract for an additional period.

3.5    How to apply

The candidate organization is required to submit a Project Proposal, including:

  • Copy of government registration as NGO or CSO;

Narrative proposal including:

  • List of relevant past projects in a table (max 1 page)
  • Proposed approach and strategy (max 2 pages)
  • Logframe
  • Detailed Workplan/Timeframe

Proposed budget including:

  • Cost of awareness raising activities
  • Cost of support to data collection activities
  • Staff and office cost (it is not possible to include overhead)

Applications should be accompanied by a covering letter from the applying organization, with a signature of the official representative and an official stamp of the organization. 

Applications can be written in English and must be submitted electronically at

Deadline: applications should be sent to IOM by the 28th of July 2021.

Any request for additional information must be addressed via the e-mail address mentioned above at least one week before the deadline for submissions.