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Call for Registration – EPRN 4th University Students Conference 2020

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Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN ) is an equal opportunity economic policy research platform in Rwanda bringing together key economic management institutions, individuals and organisations active in economic policy research and analysis to create a pool community for econ

Call for Registration – EPRN 4th University Students Conference 2020

  1. Background

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have had far-reaching consequences beyond the spread of the COVID-19 disease itself and efforts to quarantine it (Johnsen and al’ 2020). What was widely viewed as a ‘Chinese problem,’ and then an ‘Italian problem’ has become an ‘everybody problem.’ In most cases, Governments imposed severe social distancing policies, work, and school closures, and the like. This inevitably has led to almost immediate economic hardship, which then leads governments to propose increasingly bold anti-recession measures.

For the 4th time now, the Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN Rwanda), through its Students’ Chapters is organizing a competition and conference for university students around the following theme: “Multidimensional impacts of COVID-19 on youth in Rwanda, challenges, and opportunities”.

  1. The purpose

 The competition and conference will attract and connect university students; create a discussion forum on relevant COVID-19 related issues affecting youth in general and students in particular, and foster a culture of reading and scientific writing.

  1. Methodology and selection process

 For paper writing, authors of selected abstracts are assigned with mentors and reviewers who work with them until the date of the conference whereby the best papers are presented and financially awarded.

For groups’ quiz and/or debate competition, after groups have registered, preselection is conducted across all universities and higher learning institutions and finals take a place on conference day.

  1. Conference Theme and sub-topics

 EPRN selected the following central theme for the 4th annual students’ conference: Multidimensional impacts of COVID-19 on youth in Rwanda, challenges and opportunities”. This theme is broken down into six sub-topics:

a.  COVID-19 and education.

b.  COVID-19 and unemployment

c.  Coronavirus economy and Digitalization

d.  Economic impacts of COVID-19 on small and medium-sized businesses.

e.   Impacts of COVID-19 on agriculture: Youth Cooperatives and Farmers.

f.   Effects of COVID-19 on SDGs targets  

Note: Each sub-topic should involve youth and gender-related issues, and lessons and recommendations for medium and long-term economic recovery.

  1. Applications guidelines

For   abstracts:

a.  A student is allowed to submit only one abstract. Co-authorship is allowed

b.    Avoid plagiarism.

 c.    The abstract will not be considered if it is for a paper that has been presented anywhere else before

d.    Applicants must be undergraduates from a higher learning institution prior to the submission period.

e.    Abstracts should not be more than 1 page (max 400 words, Fonts: 12; Times New Roman and 1.5 line spacing). 

f.    Abstracts should be submitted in WORD or PDF format and language is English. 

g.    Add your name, university, telephone number, and email to the Abstract    

 For Group competition (Quiz and/or debate):

  a.    A group should be made of 3 students (at least 1 is female) from the same University.

  b.    A Group should have a random name.

  c.    Quiz Competition is English.

  d.    Quiz competition or debate will be about the sub-topics highlighted above.

   6.    Deadlines and submissions ​

The submission of abstracts and groups’ registration is made by sending an e-mail to: and cc: and is due on 24/07/2020, 5 PM, CAT. Failure to meet the deadline would result in disqualification.

  1. Who is allowed to compete?

The competition is limitedly open to undergraduate students from all universities and higher learning institutions in Rwanda. Note that students who are active (paid membership) members of EPRN are given priority.

  1. Awards

 Group Quiz/debate competition
a.   Winner: 500,000 Rwf

b.   1st Runner-up: 200,000 Rwf

c.   2nd Runner-Up: 100,000 Rwf

Paper writing Competition

a.   Winner: 300,000 Rwf

b.   1st Runner-up: 100,000 Rwf

c.   2nd Runner-up: 50,000 Rwf

For further information and details, kindly liaise with your EPRN Students’ Chapter on the specific campus. Or write to us: Or call us on 0789648172/ 0788357648. You may also visit our office at the University of Rwanda-CBE Gikondo or visit our website:


Done at Kigali, 24/06/2020.

Seth Kwizera