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Call for Registration for Practical Accounting Training  or  CPA, CIFA, CCP, and CAT for December 2021 Exams Preparation

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 Call for Registration for practical accounting training  or  CPA, CIFA, CCP, and CAT for December 2021 exams preparation:

1. About the Institution

Universal Experts center is a training institution incorporated in Rwanda in 2016 to provide unparalleled opportunities for learning and professional advancement in Accountancy, Finance, Auditing, and other different areas of Management together with their real-world application to serve varying customers. The institution is committed to enhance intellectual growth by providing excellent services in a collaborative culture that enables clients to exploit their potential.

We dream to shape professional practitioners through our varying on job practical training that quickly equip fresh graduates and non-experienced practitioners with real world experience. We are a team of Finance experts, Auditors, Professional accountants, and management experts dedicated to train the human capital that the world needs most(

2. about the training

To be a   good accountant, you do not only need accounting qualifications but also hands-on experience in the works of an accountant. Universal Experts center has partnered with a number of Financial Consultants to conduct hands-on training for financial accountants in Applied Accounting Practice. Our training programs are designed to make you job-ready. All the training is delivered on a One to One basis and is Hands-On. You will work on Real Company Files under the supervision of Qualified Accountants.

With the right skills and practical experience in accounting, you would be able to fast track your career in Accountancy field, and precisely that's where we can fill the gap. At Universal Experts center, our intensive Accounting training programs  include all the skills required to fast track your career in the accountancy profession starting from general bookkeeping with accounting software up to the generation and analysis of financial statements.

3. Target Participants

Participants should be: ·  

  • University students in 3rd and 4th year of studies
  • University graduates from all universities
  • CPA, CIFA, CAT, ACCA graduates
  • Non-experienced accountants from all sectors
  • Experienced accountants with a special skill gap
  • Finance personnel from private and public sector
  • University lecturers and their associates
  • Others interested in accounting practice
  • Employers in need of trained finance staff:

4. Course outline

After successfully attending our training you will start your duties in Accountancy with the following skills:

Basic Bookkeeping and Value Added Tax (VAT)

  • Creating Company files/Setting up companies
  • Choosing the chart of accounts that suits the firm's needs and its customization
  • Understanding how a double entry is applied in accounting software
  • Maintaining sales and purchase ledgers of the organization
  • Setting up customers’ accounts
  • Process customers invoices and credit notes
  • Setting up suppliers’ accounts
  • Processing suppliers’ invoices and credit notes
  • Generating reports customer/supplier invoices, statements and reconciling them
  • Generating aged debtors and aged creditors reports for credit control purposes
  • Identifying errors and performing error corrections
  • Allocating cash payments and receipts
  • Allocating bank payments and receipts
  • Allocating supplier payments and customer receipts against the right invoices
  • Performing bank reconciliation / petty cash reconciliation
  • Calculating VAT for businesses with mixed zero-rated and standard-rated sales
  • Preparing the VAT return,
  • Reconciling the VAT return,
  • Submitting the VAT return to the Revenue Authority
  • Understanding VAT period and Tax Centers
  • Dealing with Imports, Exports, and Acquisitions

 Advanced Bookkeeping and tax accounts handling

  • Treatment of opening balances
  • Foreign currency invoices handling
  • Treatment of different types of discounts on invoices
  • Reconciliation of debtors and creditors control accounts
  • Generating aged debtors and aged creditors reports for credit control purposes
  • Reconciliation of VAT, PAYE, and Wages control accounts
  • Accounting for WHT, CBHI&other taxes
  • Posting month end adjustments and journals
  • Understanding accruals and processing the journal entry
  • Understanding prepayments and processing the journal entry
  • Maintaining fixed asset register of the organization
  • Writing off fixed assets
  • Calculating depreciation using different methods
  • Understanding gains and losses on disposals of assets
  • Suspense account reconciliation
  • Director's loan account management
  • Loan amortization account handling
  • Treatment of dividends
  • Preparing closing entries
  • Preparing the Final Trial Balance
  • Monthly management accounts
  • Running the year-end procedures to close the financial year and start a new financial year

 Management Accounting

 Management Accountant Training provides you with the best techniques and equips you with detailed analytical skills on Budgeting, Forecasting, and Advanced Management Accounting with the following key topics:

  • Departmental Analysis:
  • Creating departments in accounting software
  • Allocation of Invoices to Departments
  • Generation of Departmental Profit and Loss
  • Generation of Departmental Balance sheet
  • Departmental Expense Analysis

Project Analysis

  • Creating Projects
  • Defining Resources
  • Allocation of Invoices (Sales, Purchases, and Overheads to Projects)
  • Project Profitability Analysis
  • Project Cost Analysis

Product Costing

  • Creating Raw Material
  • Creating Finished Products
  • Bill of Materials to Finished Products
  • Stock Movement Within an Organization
  • Product Costing and Pricing
  • Purchasing Trends

 Company performance analysis

  • Entering Prepared Budget in system
  • Budgeted and Actual Variance Analysis
  • Historical Variance Analysis
  • Quarterly Adjustments
  • Use of Fixed Asset Register

5. Duration and Training fee

 Our training fee is 150,000 Rwf per individual for the entire period of two months 60 days (8 Sundays attendance) guided training. For large teams and institution-based training, the group price is negotiable. The training takes place every Sunday 8:00 AM-3:00 PM.


Our Professional courses program was launched in 2016 to shape the career of Finance and accountancy through professional courses training to name few, CPA, CAT, CIFA, CCP, and ATD courses. Our program is affordable (50,000 Rwf per paper in all levels), recurrent, and is linked to examining bodies calendar.

8. Contacts&essential links

The deadline: 7th November 2021