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Call for the supply of 50 laptops

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Call for the supply of 50 laptops.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a federally owned international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations. GIZ has worked in Rwanda for over 30 years. The primary objectives between the Government of Rwanda and the Federal Republic of Germany are poverty reduction and promotion of sustainable development. To achieve these objectives, GIZ Rwanda is active in the sectors of Decentralization and Good Governance, Economic Development and Employment Promotion, Energy, and ICT (Information and Communications Technology). In order to implement its programs mandate, GIZ Rwanda needs to buy laptops and here below are specifications:

Number of laptops needed: 50 units

Guarantee: 1 year on hardware devices.

Delivery place: GIZ office – Kiyovu

Latest Deliver date: 15 June 2020


                 Technical  specifications of the laptop

1.      Screen display:  14"

2.      Processor: Intel Core i5 8th gen 1.9Ghz or Above

3.      Memory:  8GB

4.      Solid State disk capacity: 512GB

5.      Keyboard: QUERTY

6.      Power supply: 220volt

7.      HD Webcam

8.      Window Professional 10 64Bit OEM License

9.      Kensington lock.

Instructions for submission of offers

Only companies, which have supplied at least 30 laptops in one order from 2019 up to now, are eligible to submit their offers.

No individual supplier is accepted.

Please submit your offer in 1 sealed envelope with clear information on the following details at GIZ Office:

  1. All technical featuring and the picture of the laptop you propose to supply
  2. Delivery time
  3. Guarantee of 1 year on hardware devices
  4. Copy of LPO & delivery note showing the supply of 50 laptops or above in one order with a valid date in 2019 or 2020
  5. Quotation in RWF VAT excluded
  6. RDB registration
  7. VAT registration
  8. Tax clearance of the 2020 year
  9. Picture of your shop or office in Rwanda
  10. GIZ does not pay any advance payment to suppliers.


Deadline for the submission of offers:  04th June 2020 at 16h00 at the desk of


GIZ Office Rwanda

KN 41 St. / Nr.17, Kiyovu

P.O. Box 59, Kigali,



GIZ Office Rwanda reserves All rights.