Chief Executive Officer

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Bella Flowers Ltd is a private company operating in Rwanda involved in the production of cut roses supplied to local and international markets.


Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

Location: Gishali, Rwamagana

Salary: Negotiable


Bella Flowers Ltd is a company registered in Rwanda under Company code 103449745 0n 20th October 2014 and the Government of Rwanda owns 100% of its shares. It owns a land of 35 Ha and planning to expand other 20 Ha in Gishali, Rwamagana District, and Eastern Province on which flower production is being undertaken.

The company is seeking to recruit a highly skilled, self-motivated, and experienced CEO to lead, develop and manage the company.

The CEO will report to and be under the supervision of the Board of Directors of Bella Flowers. He/she will coordinate overall managerial responsibilities of the farm operations. His/her core duties and responsibilities will include but will not be limited to:


  1. Leads and manages Bella Flowers on a day-to-day basis in accordance with the parameters established by the Board and Shareholders;
  2. Provides organizational leadership and vision in developing the strategy and plans necessary to realize objectives;
  3. Fully autonomous on the overall managerial responsibilities of the farm operation with accountability to provide monthly reports to the Board of Directors;
  4. Provide Strategic Advice and guidance to the Chairman and the members of the Board of Directors;


  1. Determine Bella Flower’s values, mission, vision, and short- and long-term goals;
  2. Direct and control the work and resources of the Company and ensure it achieves its mission and Objectives;
  3. Prepare a corporate plan and annual business plan and monitor progress against these plans to ensure that the Company attains its objectives as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible;
  4. Establishes and leads the implementation of corporate strategies, policies, plans and programs that are consistent with the mandate of the organization, priorities of the Board, and the needs of the Shareholder, partners and clients;
  5. Reports to the Board regarding the performance of the organization and progress towards achieving established goals and objectives;
  6. Advises the Board on matters of policy, planning and priorities and other issues that are fundamental to the mission and direction of the company.


  1. Ensures continuity of Board policy and acts as the primary point of contact between the Board and the management and staff of the organization
  2. Establishes organization and staffing plans and appropriate delegation and decision-making frameworks to support the accomplishment of corporate goals and objectives
  3. Provides direction to the Managers and staff to ensure overall effectiveness in meeting policy and program objectives, and ensures the organization conducts its operations and financial activities with integrity and in accordance with applicable legislative, regulatory and policy requirements
  4. Leads the establishment of progressive management and human resources policies and practices to ensure a motivated workforce and a sound and supportive employee relations climate
  5. Make sure well-qualified skills are attracted, recruited, motivated and retained;
  6. Develop and carry out training programs to permit Bella Flowers achieving its objectives.


  1. Develop and maintain an effective marketing and public relations strategy to promote the products, services and image of the Company in the wider community;
  2. Represent the Company in negotiations with customers, suppliers, government departments and other key contacts to secure the most effective contract terms for the Company;
  3. Establish and maintain effective formal and informal links with major customers, relevant government departments and agencies, local authorities, key decision-makers and other stakeholders generally, to exchange information and views and to ensure that the Company attains its targeted goals;
  4. Carry out a research and development program to make Bella Flowers Competitive;
  5. Ensure Bella Flowers respects the Quality of its products.


  1. Overall financial management and control involving overseeing the accounting, budgeting, cash payment, investment, capital raising and financial reporting processes;
  2. Ensure that the financial and accounting procedures manual are regularly updated;
  3. Oversee the preparation of the Annual and Financial Reports of the Company and ensure they are audited and approved by the Board;
  4. Develop strategies to achieve cost effectively the targets of the company;
  5. Controls all expenditures to achieve an efficient allocation of resources;
  6. Ensure that all revenues received from sales are collected and accounted on the time,


She/he shall deliver the following outputs:

  1. Take control of activities at the Gishali Flower Farm to proceed with farm preparations for flower growing.
  2. Implement fully the approved phase II project roadmap until export.
  3. Ensure production costs are maintained or kept below the target level in the business plan. 
  4. Ensure that all key staffs are recruited and implement their capacity building. 
  5. Prepare Annual financial statements and annual budget.
  6. Prepare the Monthly cash-flow plan and financial reports
  7. Establish Administrative, financial and accounting procedure manuals
  8. Generate revenue as per approved business plan and ensure timely loan repayments. 
  9. Any other output as required by management or the Board of Directors


  1. To hold a Master’s Degree in Horticulture or Agribusiness, Business administration, and Finance.
  2. At least 7 years of experiences in Agriculture business, Flower industry or any reputable business enterprise, flower industry will be added advantage
  3. To have 7 years of experiences in Senior Managerial Level,
  4. To have financial and accounting skills,
  5. Track record of running profitable business enterprises
  6. Excellent organizational and time management skills,
  1. Professional fluency in written and spoken English with strong IT skills.


Qualified Candidates should submit their application letter, Curriculum Vitae (CV) with proven work experiences, works certificates or recommendation letter from previous employers, copies of academic documents and copy of national Identification card via email. Candidates will deposit their CVs hard copies at NAEB Head Offices and send soft copies to

The deadline for submitting applications is fixed on 6th September 2018 at 5 pm local time. The application should be addressed to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bella Flowers Ltd.


Chairman of the Board of Directors