Construction of Water Spring in Nyarugenge and Rwamagana Districts

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TITLE: Construction of Water Spring in Nyarugenge and Rwamagana Districts


African Evangelistic Enterprise (AEE-Rwanda) implementing USAID Gikuriro Program in all sectors of Nyarugenge and Rwamagana districts is looking for all companies or enterprises specialized in the field with a valid trading license to construct 48 water springs in Nyarugenge and Rwamagana district. 

The contractor will incur all the costs involved in constructing water springs.  Specifications and locations of the water springs will be in the tender document that will be found at AEE-Rwanda Head-Office in Kicukiro, Kagarama Sector after presenting payment slip of non-refundable twenty thousand francs (20,000 RWF) on bank account number 040 0025815 46/AEE-Rwanda in Bank of Kigali.

Well printed and sealed bids written in English, properly bound presented in four copies of which, an original and three copies must reach in sealed envelopes to AEE-Rwanda Head Office in Kicukiro district, not later than 28th March 2019 at 10:00 am local time. Late bids will be rejected. Public bids opening session will be held at AEE-Rwanda Head Office the same day at 10:30 am. Bidders who wish to visit the water springs will do it on their own.

Bids must include: Item name, unit & total cost including VAT, delivery period, EBM registration certificate, RDB certificate, VAT certificate, Tax Clearance, Performance letters/ Letters of successful completion in similar works from at least three companies.

For more information about the Bid, please call:   0784144337; email:


Done at Kigali, on 28/02/2019


Vital Nsengiyumva

AEE-Rwanda Chief Operating Officer