Consultancy to Develop a Social and Behavior Change Strategy for RMNCAH and Malaria Services

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The USAID Ingobyi Activity is a five-year cooperative agreement to improve the quality of reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health (RMNCAH) and malaria services, in a sustainable manner with the goal of reducing neonatal, child and maternal mortality in Rwanda. The Ingobyi Activity builds upon the tremendous gains Rwanda has made in the health sector as well as previous USAID investments in the health sector to provide a healthier, more productive future for Rwandans. Ingobyi aims to improve the availability, quality, and utilization of RMNCAH and malaria services with resilience and sustainability. The Activity partners with the government of Rwanda to build on the country’s considerable achievements, guided by national health strategies, goals, objectives and data. Direct beneficiaries are women, adolescents and children under five years of age, however, improvements in service delivery will also indirectly benefit the millions of other Rwandans who utilize public health services.

The USAID Ingobyi Activity uses SBC strategies to increase the utilization of RMNCAH and malaria prevention and treatment services. The project prioritizes SBC efforts at facility and community levels and leverages existing SBC channels to increase demand for high-quality services. Ingobyi provides key RMNCAH and malaria prevention and treatment messages using various channels, such as outreach events, Inteko z’abaturage (community gatherings), Itorero (youth camps), community knowledge centers, immunization sites, and radio productions, through the Urunana radio soap opera and Umuhoza radio magazine.


Ingobyi Activity seeks to hire a consultant to develop a comprehensive SBC strategy that will guide the implementation of SBC interventions over the next 3 years in 20 targeted districts. The process of strategy development will involve all relevant steps, including mapping and review of literature, situational analysis, and development of problem statements, identification of key contributing factors, key behaviors to promote, determination of appropriate conceptual model for SBC, audience segmentation, selection of communication channels and tools, development of communication plan, development of an implementation and monitoring and evaluation plans. The strategy will consider the views of multiple stakeholders, including MoH, RBC, and other stakeholders through the health promotion technical working group.

Key tasks to be accomplished

  1. Map existing literature and conduct a comprehensive literature review of the current situation and gaps related to RMNCAH and malaria services. In addition to RMNCAH and malaria, the literature review must include aspects of gender integration, infection prevention and control (IPC), risk communication and community engagement.
  2. Develop problem statement(s), communication objective, key behaviors to promote RMNCAH and malaria service uptake, identify strategy to integrate IPC and gender and identify barriers and facilitators of improved behaviors and information gaps requiring additional formative research.
  3. Develop an appropriate conceptual model that will guide the implementation of SBC interventions.
  4. Develop a comprehensive communication plan, including audience analysis, channels to be used, SBC content and key messages.
  5. Conduct fieldwork to test key messages, tools, and channels in collaboration with technical teams and partners. Message will be validated by the health promotion technical working group.
  6. Develop SBC the strategy, including implementation and monitoring and evaluation plan.
  7. Present the draft and final versions of the SBC strategy for review and approval.

Expected road map of activities and level of effort



Working days

1.      Receive orientation on assignment, including discussion of key documents to review, expected deliverables and timeline for the assignment.

Inception report with a clear understanding of the assignment and a list of documents proposed for review and approval




2.      Conduct extensive desk review of existing literature, secondary data and other existing RMNCAH and malaria surveys, formative assessments, and existing SBC strategies and materials using the approved literature.

A report with comprehensive situational analysis highlighting existing gaps in RMNCAH and malaria services in Rwanda, key contributing factors, current behaviors and behaviors to promote, a problem statement for SBC related to RMNCAH and malaria, and an appropriate conceptual model highlighting desired behavior change pathways to guide  SBC interventions




3.      Develop a detailed communication plan outlining communication objectives, key messages, materials, primary and secondary audiences, recommended communication channels, roles and responsibilities of key implementation players.

Draft communication plan with key messages, target audiences, communication tools, channels and proposed activities with roles and responsibilities





4.      Lead field activity to test key messages, tools, and channels and other relevant content agreed upon in the communication plan.

Field activity report with feedback from the field, and

Revised communication plan incorporating feedback from the field



5.      Develop an implementation plan and monitoring and evaluation plan.

Draft implementation plan and monitoring and evaluation


6.      Compile and submit the first draft of the SBC strategy

First draft of the SBC strategy


7.      Present SBC strategy to Ingobyi technical teams

Meeting notes with feedback from the team


8.      Incorporate feedback/updates into the draft strategy and submit a second draft.

Second draft with inputs from the team


9.      Present draft SBC strategy to the health promotion technical working group.

Workshop report with inputs from the health promotion technical working group


10.  Update/incorporate feedback/inputs from the working groups to finalize the strategy.

The third draft shared for review and approval


11.  Edit, format and finalize a strategy

Final version of the strategy submitted


Required skills and qualifications

  • Must have a master’s degree in public health, sociology, development studies or relevant field, with experience in SBC, and/or strategic communication.
  • Must be a local consultant with a high level of knowledge of the local context.
  • Must have previous experience developing project-level SBC strategies and theory-driven approaches to SBC for health projects.
  • Must be able to adapt SBC interventions based on observed gaps.
  • Must be familiar with tools and methodologies to measure the effectiveness of SBC Strategies.
  • Familiarity with work plan and monitoring and evaluation frameworks will be an added advantage.
  • Demonstrated competence in oral and written English and Kinyarwanda.
  • Previous working experience with USAID funded projects will be an added advantage.


The consultant will work closely with Ingobyi Activity’s technical teams under the direct supervision of the SBC Specialist.


This consultancy is expected to be implemented within a timeframe of thirty-four (34) working days starting from the date the contract is signed and must be completed by May 15th, 2020.

Selection criteria

Applications will be assessed on cost reasonableness (30%) and technical competence (70%).

How to apply

Interested applicants are requested to submit electronic copies of their technical and financial proposals (in English), by April 9th at 23:59 to with the subject ‘Proposal for SBC Strategy development.

In the proposal, the applicant should explain how he/she intends to carry out the work and should include the following:

  • Updated CV, highlighting relevant qualifications and experience.
  • Description of consultant’s experience in SBC strategy development or similar assignments.
  • Details of three former clients who can be contacted for reference (name, position, contact details).
  • Proposed schedule for the entire assignment.
  • Proposed budget with applicable unit costs (Ingobyi will cover any reasonable costs for transport and accommodation during field activity).