Consultant, Credit Risk Management Training

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Consultant, Credit Risk Management Training

Credit risk management training for the staff and management of Muganga Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO)

Project Overview:

Palladium is implementing the Rwanda Integrated Health Systems Activity (RIHSA), a three-year USAID-funded task order (72069620F00001) designed to support the Ministry of Health (MOH) in strengthening Rwanda’s health system to provide quality health care for Rwandans while building the capacity of the Government of Rwanda (GOR) to move away from a donor-financed health system towards a self-reliant system. The project is aimed at achieving two major objectives:

  1. Reduce financial barriers to health care through a mix of public and private interventions and provide tools for improved domestic resource mobilization and improve health care financing for the GOR.
  2. Improve the quality of essential health services at national, facility and community levels utilizing a health systems approach.

Through a focus on financing and quality, USAID-RIHSA provides technical assistance to the GOR on various strategies, tools and approaches that will allow Rwanda to sustainably fund its healthcare system and provide quality care at all levels. The Activity is implemented by a consortium led by Palladium International LLC (Palladium) in partnership with RTI International, the Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA), Zenysis Technologies, and the Rwanda Agency for Accreditation and Quality of Healthcare (RAAQH).


The Health Sector Staff Mutual Aid Group (HSS MAG) was set up as a tontine with public health sector staff retention as the primary goal, and a mission to provide reputable and innovative financial and personal development solutions through excellent services that exceed stakeholder expectations, while caring for their members’ needs in an efficient, friendly, and professional manner. As a public sector driven initiative, the scheme has been housed within the MOH. Recently, HSS MAG has recorded a significant increase in membership and required rethinking of the design and structure of the organization. As of October 2021, it had approximately 10,000 members from all public health affiliated institutions across the country. The large size and restricted nature of tontines exposed the Mutual Aid Group to inherent risk as well as limited the capacity and ability of the organization to take full advantage of other financial services and opportunities that will benefit members. Consequently, in an October 28, 2021 General Assembly (GA), members approved a resolution to shift from tontine to SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization).

In early 2022, HSS MAG officially transitioned to Muganga SACCO with the same mission as the predecessor but with an expanded target service package and membership which includes both public and private health staff in Rwanda. Muganga SACCO’s mandate include to establish, maintain, and expand relationship with individuals, companies, associations, health institutions, and cooperatives. Its vision is to be the leader in the provision of financial products, services, and solutions to health care professionals – contributing to their sustainable development and work retention.

As a larger company, Muganga SACCO now offers an extensive loan portfolio. Although this creates an opportunity to serve a wider market with a variety of options, it also means putting in place strict and robust risk management mechanism to protect the company against irrecoverable financial losses. The loan products include the following:

  1. Short-term loans: Up-to 2 years supported by cash repayable monthly
  2. Medium-term loans: Between 25-60 months, supported by profit budget, cash flow forecast and capital expenditure budget appraisals for the term
  3. Long-term loans: This is like the term for medium-term loans, but with realistic view of the business viability over the term
  4. Bridging Commercial loan: Up-to 12 months for financing purchase of valued assets with assured disposal
  5. Consumer Personal loans - e.g., overdraft loans, Emergency loans (8.5% interest), Scholar loans (6% interest), Vehicle loan (9% interest), Salary advance (7.5% interest): Up-to 26 Months, considering the payment capacity of the employee. Employee must have saved with Muganga for at least 6 Months
  6. Business loan (7.5% interest): Up-to 5 years (60 Months)
  7. Mortgage loan (13% per annum)

The change of statute to SACCO unlocks a lot of benefits including the (1) opportunity of receiving technical advice, guidelines, and supervision from the Central Bank and Rwanda Cooperative Agency, and (2) access to competitive services such as loans (salary advance loan, education loan, business loan, equipment loan, etc.), deposits, and withdrawal transactions for members. However, to be able to take full advantage of the opportunities available to SACCOs, there is a need for Muganga organizational and operational restructuring, change management, policy reforms, and staff expansion and capacity development, among others.

Regarding staff capacity development, the management has earmarked credit risk management as the immediate staff training need. While the current credit policy has elaborated some salient credit risk management approaches, their institutionalization requires building the capacities of staff to operationalize them in their daily activities and transactions.
Palladium is seeking to recruit a consultant to design and implement the credit risk management training for the staff and management of Muganga SACCO.

Objective of the Assignment: 

The main objective of this assignment is for the Consultant(s) to conduct a tailored credit risk management training for the staff and management of Muganga SACCO. This will include:

  • Assess staff credit risk management capacity requirements and designing a tailor-made course to meet those specific needs
  • Organize capacity building training on credit risk management for the different levels of staff and management
  • Design or assemble and share standard credit risk assessment and management tools for SACCOs

Expected Outputs/Deliverables:

Through this assignment, the consultant(s) is expected to produce the following deliverables:

  • Inception report including the training methodology and tools
  • Tailored credit risk management training manual
  • Training workshop for all relevant staff
  • Standard credit risk assessment and management formats and tool for SACCOs
  • Final report of not more than 5 pages summarizing the key processes, highlights, lessons learnt, and recommendations from the assignment

All deliverables must be written in English.

Target Training Participants

Three main categories of people will benefit from this training:

  1. Management Credit Committee (MCC) - Director General, Health of Credit Unit, Credit Analysis Officer, and Head of operations unit: Loan approval limit between 2,000,000 and 20,000,001 RWF
  2. Members Elected Credit Committee (MECC) - 5 elected members by General Assembly (GA) chaired by the chairperson: Loan approval limit between 20,000,000 and 25,000,001 RWF
  3. Branch Credit Committee (BCC) - Branch Manager, Credit officer, Operations officer: Loan approval limit 2,000,000 RWF and above

Note: Loans by the MECC members and their related are approved by the Board of Directors (BOD)


This assignment is expected to be implemented within a timeline of eight (8) weeks with an estimated 20-day level of effort, starting from the date the contract is signed.

  1. Share a final inception report that includes the methodology and tools - Week 1 from date of signing contract
  2. Conduct Muganga SACCO credit risk management needs assessment - Week 2
  3. Development of tailored credit risk management training manual - Week 4
  4. Train Muganga SACCO staff and management on credit risk management - Week 5
  5. Draft and share standard credit risk assessment and management formats and tool for SACCOs - Week 6
  6. Share final report of not more than 5 pages summarizing the key processes, highlights, lessons learnt, and recommendations from the assignment - Week 8

Contract Type

This consultancy will be a fixed price deliverable-based contract. Acceptance of the deliverables will be determined by RIHSA’s Health Financing Director and the Muganga SACCO. Final approval of the final deliverable will be required by RIHSA’s Chief of Party.

Selection Criteria for Consultant Application Requirements

All consultants that apply for this assignment will be evaluated based on the following:

  1. Demonstrated experience in conducting credit risk management/analysis training 30
  2. Understanding of SACCOs operations as well as statutory requirements in Rwanda 20
  3. Demonstrable understanding of Rwanda’s Financial Sector Regulations as well as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 20
  4. Qualifications 10
  5. Price 20

Total Score  100 

Negotiations will be held with the candidate with the highest score.

The application proposal should include:

  • A technical proposal which includes a portfolio outlining similar / previous assignments completed (e.g., any samples produced for government ministries, private companies, agencies and/or multinational organizations).
  • Updated CV (no more than 4 pages) and notarized copies of academic/ professional credentials.
  • Cost Proposal in RWF detailing the proposed price per deliverable, inclusive of all logistical costs, including transportation, accommodation, data collection and printing costs for the assignment. 

The application deadline is 18 August 2022.

 Required Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in Banking, Finance, Accounting, Risk Management, Actuarial Science Economics, Business Administration, or related degree with proven experience with the Rwanda’s banking and finance industry
  • Extensive demonstrated experience in successfully conducting similar assignments i.e., training Banks, MFIs or SACCOs staff on credit risk management
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in credit risk management and analysis
  • Management level work experience with a SACCO will be an advantage
  • Fluency in English
  • Excellent writing skills

Company Overview:

About Palladium - Palladium is a global leader in the design, development and delivery of Positive Impact – the intentional creation of enduring social and economic value.  We work with governments, businesses, and investors to solve the world's most pressing challenges. With a team of more than 3,000 employees operating in 90 plus countries and a global network of over 35,000 experts, we help improve economies, societies and, most importantly, people's lives.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion - Palladium is committed to embedding equity, diversity, and inclusion into everything we do. We welcome applications from all sections of society and actively encourage diversity to drive innovation, creativity, success and good practice. We positively welcome and seek to ensure we achieve diversity in our workforce; and that all job applicants and employees receive equal and fair treatment regardless of their background or personal characteristics. These include: (but are not limited to) socio-economic background, age, race, gender identity and expression, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, veteran, marital or Indigenous status.

Should you require any adjustments or accommodations to be made due to a disability or you are a neurodivergent individual or for any other circumstance, please email our team at and we will be in touch to discuss.

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