Consultant to Conduct a research on the integration of small farmers’ priorities into agricultural policies and strategies, and the extent of harmonization of agriculture related policies

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The “Conseil de Concertation des Organisations d’Appui aux Initiatives de Base” CCOAIB is an Umbrella organization of 40 Rwandan local NGOs in development. It serves as a framework of exchange, consultations, dialogue, negotiation, and solidarity.


1.General information


Expression of Interest (EOI) forbids sought from suitably qualified consulting firms and individual consultants

Title of Project

Enhancing the capacity and participation of small scale farmers and civil society organizations in decision making and governance processes related to sustainable agriculture and food security in Rwanda


European Union and Trócaire


CCOAIB, IPFG, and Caritas Gikongoro


Nyagatare, Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru Districts


Conduct research on the integration of small farmers’ priorities into agricultural policies and strategies, and the extent of harmonization of agriculture-related policies

Duration of the assignment

30 working days

Release date


The due date for applications


2.Project context

This project has been designed with the aim of promoting the effective participation of smallholder farmers (particularly women) and Civil Society Organizations in the development, implementation and monitoring of agriculture policy and strategies.

Despite the existence of legislation and policies underpinning the rights of citizens to participate in local governance and decision making in the design, development, implementation, and monitoring of agricultural policies and strategies, their levels of engagement to date is still minimal. The Citizen Score Card Report published by the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) in 2016 showed that citizens’ satisfaction with the delivery of agriculture services stood at 48.4%, increased at 52.5% in 2017 and reported decreased in 2018 with a score of 49.41%.

Due to this, designed policies and strategies do not always adequately respond to the priority needs of small farmers, which adversely impact on their effectiveness in contributing to food security and sustainable agriculture. Low levels of knowledge on agriculture-related policies and strategies is mentioned to limit their engagement and ownership with these structures.

By improving the policy environment and working alongside government and other stakeholders, namely CSOs and smallholder farmers, the project targets to ensure long term sustainability of interventions toward food security and sustainable and resilient livelihoods.

3.Scope and Objective of work

CCOAIB, in partnership with IPFG and Caritas Gikongoro, with the financial support of European Union and Trócaire, intends to hire a competent consultant or consulting firm to conduct a research on the integration of small farmers’ priorities into agricultural policies and strategies, and the extent of harmonization of agriculture-related policies.

The research aims at providing quality data in relation to agriculture and food security impacts on farmers’ and CSO capacity to influence policy design and decision-making process. It will measure the extent to which small farmers’ priorities are incorporated into agricultural policies and strategies as well as the harmonization of policies at the National level and District Development Plans.

The research will be conducted through participatory processes in 46 villages (1 village per sector) in the 3 targeted districts (17, 14 and 15 villages respectively in Nyamagabe, Nyaruguru, and Nyagatare), with a total sample size of 1000 people. Focus Group Discussions (FGD) and semi-structured interviews with members of VAC (Village Agriculture Committees), FAG (Farmers’ Advocacy Group) and smallholder farmers will be conducted. Also, interviews with key informants will be conducted with district government officials, CSOs working on agriculture and food security, representatives of MINAGRI, MINALOC and RAB.

4.Profile of consultant or consulting firm

  • The consultant or consulting firm who will take the responsibilities of leading the research should fulfill the following:
  • Hold a Master’s degree in one of the fields: Agriculture, Statistics, Administration, Policy Analysis, Development studies or other related studies;
  • Strong demonstrable understanding of the Rwandan agriculture sector;
  • Having an experience of at least five (5) years doing researches;
  • Demonstrable experience in conducting similar assignments in the agriculture sector and provide evidence of assignments successfully completed;
  • Using EBM (Electronic Billing Machine) approved by Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) in invoicing;
  • Presenting the VAT registration, Tax Clearance Certificate and the proofs of at least two last taxes paid;
  • Experience of working with EU funded projects is an added value;
  • Experience of working with CSOs, NGOs and public institutions;
  • Good command of English and Kinyarwanda;
  • Working within agreed deadlines while producing high quality work output.

5.Key deliverables

The consultant/ consulting firm shall be assigned:

  • To design the methodology and tools for this research;
  • To coordinate and oversee the collection of data. A team of enumerators to work with him/ her will be organized by the partner in each district (IPFG in Nyamagabe, Caritas Gikongoro in Nyaruguru and CCOAIB in Nyagatare);
  • To conduct the interviews with officials identified at National and District levels (CSOs, MINAGRI, MINALOC, and RAB);
  • To process and analyze the data collected and draft the report;
  • Present the drafted report in a workshop organized in each of intervention districts (Nyaruguru, Nyamagabe, and Nyagatare) and in a workshop at National level and incorporate inputs received;
  • Compile and submit the final report.

6.Other terms

  • Digital Data Collection system will be used.
  • The consulting period must not exceed 30 working days.
  • Any concept, guideline, tool or other material developed for the assignment here-in entailed will be considered as a property of Clients.
  • The applicants must give clear details in their financial and technical offers deemed necessary to perform the assignment here-in advertised.
  • The applicants must be able to deliver the work in respect of the schedules agreed upon with the Clients.


Interested applicants who fulfill the requirements set here-in should present an expression of interest letter, a technical (with details & documents specified in point 4 and contacts of 3 references) and financial offers addressed to the Executive Secretary of CCOAIB. The 3 copies (1 original and two copies) of technical offer and other 3 copies of a financial offer should be in 2 separate sealed envelopes, both put in one big envelope.

Applications shall be submitted at CCOAIB office located at Remera, Kigali city, International Airport Road KN 5RD, Building N0 18, not later than 20th December 2019 at 10:00 am.

The envelopes shall be publicly opened immediately and applicants must be represented in the event. Online applications are not allowed.

8.Selection procedure

To select the best applicant, the Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS) method will be used.

9Information channel

For any clarification before the submission deadline, please visit the CCOAIB office on the above-mentioned address or contact +250788782756/

Done at Kigali, on 28/11/2019


Executive Secretary of CCOAIB