Consultant for Training GISUMA Coffee Cooperative in Coffee Processing Techniques

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Terms of Reference (TOR)For soliciting a consultant for Training GISUMA Coffee Cooperative in Coffee Processing Techniques.

 Date: May 21, 2019

1.0    Background:

Project Description:

“Gisuma Coffee” Cooperative is a registered coffee growers’ cooperative located in GAHINGA Village, Kigenge Cell, Giheke Sector, Rusizi District, Western Province. It was started in Feb 2009 with 134 members of whom 57 female and 77 male members; they registered as a cooperative with Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA) on 2ndFeb, 2010. Today, the cooperative has 179 active members, of whom78  female and 101 male. All members are coffee farmers, the smallest has 200 coffee trees, the largest 11,000 coffee trees but the majority have around 1,000 coffee trees.

The reason why they formed a cooperative was that they were not getting a fair value for their production. Coffee farmers came together in 2009 as a group, Technoserve helped them get their first PENAGOS 500 (capacity 0.5 t/h) pulper so that they could have their own “factory” (Coffee washing station). In 2011 they replaced their PENAGOS 500 pulper with a PENAGOS 1500 (capacity 1.5 t/h). They started collecting coffee as a coop in 2010.

Currently, cooperative membership is 179. The cooperative operates in one sector of Rusizi district: Giheke sector. Each member grows individually their piece of land and takes care for their coffee trees including up to harvesting (with some hired labor under their responsibility). Some members bring their own cherries to the Washing Station; but for some, especially the elderly, cherries are collected from individual farmers by appointed “collectors” (“Abakusanyakawa” in Kinyarwanda. The cooperative takes the responsibility to look for market after the parchment is further processed into green coffee. The cooperative collects both members’ and non-members’ cherries; the two are processed and packed separately for the sake of Fair Trade. They go through intermediary to get to foreign buyers, getting a reliable buyer has been a serious problem.

This is an effort to positively respond to the Government of Rwanda’s Poverty Reduction Programmme which aims at revitalizing the cooperative member’s economy and improving the quality of their lives through the increased transfer of technical and financial resources for the sustainable rural development.

 For this purpose, the cooperative received financial assistance from United States African Development Foundation (USADF) in form of a grant towards the cost financing of different components that include coffee processing techniques training to be conducted by a consultant to cooperative management staff and selected cooperative members zone leaders whose roles are connected to coffee production, postharvest handling, and processing activities.

2.0 Scope of the consultancy service:

2.1 General:

The consultant will conduct the specified tasks with diligence and attention to detail. S/he will train cooperative members in Coffee Processing Techniques, applying sound technical practices and methods in carrying out the assignment. The consultant shall also work in close collaboration with the designated staff of the cooperative and Africa Development Consultant staff.

2.3 specific Activities:

The Coffee Processing Techniques training consultant shall carry out the following tasks:

  • Train 24 cooperative members and management staff for 4 days in Coffee Processing Techniques.
  • Prepare and present the training module to Africa Development Consultant and GISUMA Coffee Cooperative before the training commences.
  • Prepare and present the training methodology.
  • Preparation and presentation of the subject matter/subtopics to be trained on, applicable to the cooperative members’ context for the crops production and processing sustainability.
  • Prepare and distribute training material handouts for participants.
  • Prepare training report after training.

3.0    Qualification Requirement:

  • The consultant(s) who will be assigned to perform this assignment should have a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science.
  • At least 3 years’ experience related to the coffee processing techniques.
  • Perfect knowledge in Kinyarwanda, English or French.

4.0 Eligibility for submission:

  • A registered consulting firm or a registered individual consultant.
  • Proven adequate knowledge and experience in coffee processing techniques.
  • Proven past experience of similar assignments. The consultant shall attach proof of past accomplished assignments of similar field.

5.0 Presentation and submission of the bids/offers:

The bids shall be submitted in two copies, i.e. one original and one in copies, in double closed envelopes.

  • The outer envelope will contain a technical offer, citing all necessary information and providing documentation requested as per TOR, including but not limited to:
  • Presentation of the consulting firm/ consultant profile
  • Consultancy Registration certificate (if any)
  • Detailed CV of the consultant(s) who will be assigned to perform this assignment
  • Certificates /contracts of previous similar assignments accomplished
  • Detailed work plan and schedules, and time frame of activities
  • Description of work methodology to be used by the consultant.
  • The inner envelope will contain a financial offer, which will be detailed showing prices, quantitative activities to be done and materials needed, participants facilitation regarding accommodation, meals, and transport and finally arriving at the total financial offer. The price quotation should include all applicable taxes in Rwanda.
  1. Delivery:

The Consultant is expected to deliver the training in the most professional manner. At the end of the training, the specific objectives of the training must be achieved. In addition, the Consultant will provide an elaborate training report and recommendations to GISUMA Coffee Cooperative and ADC.  

  1. Language:

The Consultant’s reports, documentation, the actual training will be in English and Kinyarwanda.

  1. Service Contract:

A contract of service will be drawn and signed between the Consultant or firm and not later than 7 days from the date the successful bidder is selected and notified. The contract and the terms of reference will guide the performance of the contract, and basis for its evaluation.


Applications must reach the cooperative premises not later than 08/07/2019 at 17h00. For any clarification call the following contact phone number 0788870496  during working hours. 

Signed by:


Mr. Rwabukwisi Daniel

GISUMA Coffee Cooperative President