Consultant/Firm to Develop an Advocacy Paper on Gender Responsive Budgeting and Fighting Against Gender Based Violence

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PRO-FEMMES/TWESE HAMWE (PFTH) is an umbrella of Civil Society Organizations working for women promotion, peace and development in Rwanda. The organization was established in October, 1992 and at the moment, Pro-Femmes/Twese Hamwe represents 53 member Organizations within the country.


I.    Introduction and background 

Pro-Femmes/Twese Hamwe is a national civil society umbrella organization of civil society organizations working to advance Gender equality, advancement of women status, peace and development.  

The organization was established in October, 1992 and currently represents 53 member organizations within the country. The mission of Pro-Femmes/ Twese Hamwe is to eradicate all forms of discrimination towards women, to promote women’s socio-economic, political and legal status, and to enhance institutional and organizational capacities of the umbrella and its member organizations through promotion of sustainable human development based on gender equality and a culture of peace, justice and human rights. The strategic objectives of Pro-Femmes Twese Hamwe are to work towards eradication of all forms of discrimination and violence towards women; to be a consultative and reflection forum on strategies and activities for promoting women’s social, economic, cultural and legal development; to facilitate exchanges between member organizations, and to promote partnerships with organizations and institutions working to advance women’s status and development through advocacy.

It is in this framework that PF/TH is in partnership with CARE International Rwanda on the project titled “Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWEP II)”, wishes to recruit a consultant/ firm to facilitate the development of an advocacy paper on identified issues on GBS implementation and fighting against Gender Based Violence.

II.    Objective of the consultancy

The objective of the consultancy is to develop advocacy messages and position papers to be addressed to concerned government institutions for action. The consultant is expected to write position paper related to the issues related to GBS implementation and fighting against Gender based Violence.

III.    Specific tasks and Timeline 


Specific Tasks

Days (Timeframe)

To develop a position Paper on Gender Responsive budgeting and fighting against Gender Based Violence.

a.    Work with PF/TH team to discuss on expected deliverables and clarifications on the identified issues and review of gathered evidences. 



1 Day

b.    Development of the advocacy paper 

3 days  

c.    Facilitate the Validation workshop of the developed advocacy paper 

1 day

Total number of working days

5 days

The consultant (s) will be paid for a total of 6 working days as detailed below.

IV.    Outputs / Deliverables

  • The inception report
  • Well developed and designed advocacy paper with clear  advocacy messages ;

V.    Responsibilities of Pro –Femmes /Twese Hamwe

  1. To select a consultant/firm  to work  closely with Pro-Femmes / Twese Hamwe team  in above mentioned tasks;
  2. Pro-Femmes will prepare a contract and agree on its terms with the consultants before commencement of work;
  3. Pro-Femmes will provide timely feedback on prepared deliverables;
  4. Pro-Femmes/ Twese Hamwe will ensure timely payment to the consultant in accordance with the contract.

VI.    Data management

Pro-Femmes/ Twese Hamwe will own developed advocacy paper with respect to this assignment.

VII.    Minimum Qualifications and other requirements

VII.1. Technical requirements

  1. The consultants should have a minimum qualification of a Masters’ degree in  Public policy analysis, Law,  Gender, social sciences and Development studies  with a minimum experience of 3 years in developing advocacy tactics ;
  2. Detailed CV (s) of the consultant (s) to perform the assignment and their academic records;
  3. Proven competency in the area of Policy analysis, Research, communication and advocacy (Provide at least 3 certificates of good completion from the previous similar services and references);
  4. Detailed approach, methodology and process to be adopted in the consultancy work and program work plan to be linked to the deliverables and outputs.
  5. Company registration certificates, RRA registration certificate (TIN Number); Tax clearance certificate from RRA, and RSSB clearance certificate for companies;
  6.  Good Understanding of planning and budgeting frameworks and cycle in Rwanda
  7. Sufficient knowledge on gender responsive planning and budgeting mechanisms in Rwanda
  8. Excellent  communication skills;
  9. Excellent facilitation and writing skills;
  10. Good command of Kinyarwanda, and English.

VII.2.Financial Proposal

The Financial proposal is to be based on a fixed fee and must indicate how the proposed overall costs have been developed, including staff cost, and all other relevant costs (all tax inclusive). Acceptance to the proposed schedule of payments is also to be indicated.

VIII.    Submission of Proposals 

Interested candidates or consulting firms are requested to submit their technical and financial proposals not later than Tuesday 20th  June 2018 at 10.00 am in a sealed envelope to Pro-Femmes/Twese Hamwe offices located at Gahanga in Kicukiro District, Next to Gahanga Sector offices. The applications should be addressed to the Executive Secretary of Pro-Femmes/Twese Hamwe.

You are requested to adhere to the deadline, proposals submitted after the deadline will be automatically rejected and returned unopened to the bidder.

IX.    How to apply

The application file should contain the following documents:

  • An application letter;
  • Provide at least 3 certificates of good completion of similar services);
  • A detailed Curriculum Vitae of the consultant (s) to perform the assignment and their academic certificates
  • A Technical and narrative offers with a clear timeframe and a description of the proposed methodology detailing how the deliverables will be achieved;
  • A financial offer detailing the various costs associated with the delivery of the above services. Please be aware that in accordance with Rwandan tax laws, Pro-Femmes/Twese Hamwe will deduct 15% taxes from individuals who cannot provide their official registration.  

Done at Kigali, 14th June 2018

Emma Marie BUGINGO

Executive Secretary

Pro-Femmes / Twese Hamwe