Consumer Protection Officer

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Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA)

Kigali International Airport

B.P: 1122

Opening date: 05th/November/2019

Closing date: 22nd/November/2019

Brief Background:

Rwanda civil aviation Authority is a Government institution established by Law No 03/2017 of 21/02/2017 determining its mission, organization, and functioning as amended to date. RCAA has a legal personality and is governed in accordance with laws governing organs of Public Service.

To achieve its mission RCAA would like to recruit qualified staff to fill the attached vacant positions on its Organization structure. Details on positions advertised including terms of reference, required profile and number of positions are obtained from the RCAA website.

Interested candidates should submit the following documents to RCAA Head Office at Kigali International Airport not later than Friday, 22nd November 2019 at 5 P.M:

  • A filled application form obtained from the RCAA website:
  • A copy of CV
  • A copy of the required degree or diploma and certificates and equivalency certificate from HEC for foreign degrees
  • Copy of National ID




Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority


  1. Consumer Protection Officer (1)

Job title

Consumer Protection Officer

Reports to

Head of Air Transport

Summarized Job description  

  • Enforcing compliance of airlines and other service providers with the Rwanda Civil Aviation economic regulations and related regulatory tools.
  • Collecting, collating and following up on consumers’ complaints to a satisfactory conclusion;
  • Investigates complaints of anti-competitive or predatory practices in the aviation industry;
  • Ensuring that appropriate compensations are paid to complainants;
  • Organizing and conducting public enlightenment programs on the rights and responsibilities of both providers and users of air transport and allied services.
  • Cargo monitoring and inspection.
  • Participate in inter-facilitation agencies periodic meetings.
  • Monitor and assess the service levels of all airlines to ensure optimal performance
  • Prepare periodic reports showing a number of complaints resolved/unresolved and airlines performance assessment.
  • Participation in various stakeholders’ meetings, forums, workshops, etc., where aviation issues are discussed.         
  • Development and circulation of enlightenment materials;
  • Collaborating with relevant government agencies, NGOs, aviation media and industry trade associations on consumer issues.

Job requirements   

  • A university degree in Air Transport or equivalent industry qualification and Experience:
  • Specialized knowledge and wide practical experience in one or more fields of aviation/air transport management
  • Must be familiar with the operations of an Air Transport/Aviation industry.
  • Work experience in a senior position from an Aviation related institution is an added advantage.
  • Sound knowledge and experience in airline customer passenger service and station management.
  • Knowledge of industry affairs/regulations.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English and or French
  • Fluency in both English and French is an added advantage.
  • Knowledge of international air law is also an added advantage