Curriculum Development Consultant

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ASYV has included Life Enrichment Applied Programs (LEAP), usually meeting two hours a week, for each student. Topics include sports (volleyball, basketball, football, karate, and athletics/track & field) as well as the arts (guitar, piano, sewing, photo & video editing, visual arts, composition (song & poem), acting theatre and Rwandan culture). Currently, ASYV is interested in providing quality standardized curricula for each of our programs.

The consultant will elaborate and provide all the materials that form a complete curriculum (syllabus, content book, students' book, guidelines for the trainers and evaluation form to be used) tailored to vulnerable youth (between 15 and 23 years old). The Terms of Reference (TORs) describe the role of a Curriculum Development Consultant who will provide support towards the Curriculum Development and Training components of the ASYV Enrichment Programs Trainers.    

The teaching approach of all materials must be engaging for participants, with roughly 30% of content considered theory and 70% “hands-on” and practical. In order to develop the content, the consultant will have to hold coordination meetings with LEAP coordinator, Village Director as well as Academic Director of Liquidnet Family High School (LFHS) to ensure that s/he understands the teaching methodology of ASYV and lessons are aligned with our Best Practices. We are looking, two different consultants. Therefore, you will indicate if you are able to work on sports or arts curricula.

Main Responsibilities of the consultant/Team and key expected deliverables

The Consultants/Agency is expected to produce and submit the following deliverables:

  • A detailed technical and financial proposal showing how they understand the task and aim to accomplish it;
  • An inception report outlining the methodology and schedule for implementation plan;
  • All required data collection instruments in English
  • A presentation and validation on the draft plan (preferably in ppt.) to ASYV
  • Collect and review of an existing framework as well as already developed materials as startup reference or baseline.
  • Conducting an interview with LEAP staff (LEAP Officers, LEAP Coordinator, trainers), academic director as well as Village Director for a deeper understanding of the programs as well as their future vision.
  • Develop curricula for all Enrichment Programs (syllabus, content book, students' book, guidelines for the trainers and evaluation forms to be used).
  • The consultant will develop one by one topic, and continue after getting feedback from trainers about its methodology implementation as well as content delivery.
  • Presenting the draft documents to the ASYV management team for their input or feedback
  • Incorporate the feedback from the management team and submit pre-final documents for approval
  • Training LEAP Staff about the use of the documents developed
  • The developed curricula should illustrate key competencies as well as skills the learners should acquire from each topic, learning process, evaluation or knowledge check tools.
  • Each topic or session should reflect a value (Eg: ASYV Values or others)
  • Conduct regular observations sessions on the curriculum implementations to ensure its relevancy and efficiency (at least two times per trainer).
  • Make appropriate adjustments and issue recommendations about how best to deliver the curricula to the proposed target group, including recommendations about the most effective training strategies, methodologies, and tools.  
  • A summary report (4-5 pages) hard & soft copies