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E-Moto Sales Manager

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Ampersand is an energy and mobility startup based in Kigali. We’re building electric taxi motorcycles that perform better, are easier to drive, cost less to buy and operate, and take less time to refuel.

Do you want to do work that is impactful? Do you want to help improve the lives of some of the most hardworking people in Africa, while also reducing carbon emissions? Do you want to use your skills to advance Africa towards a zero-carbon future, not just to make a living? Ampersand is your answer.

About Ampersand

Headquartered in Kigali in Rwanda, Ampersand is achieving the world’s first true mass-market shift to electric vehicles, a vital tipping point in the fight against climate change, through providing electric motorcycles to moto-taxis drivers in East Africa. Our electric motorcycles offer savings that can double a driver’s income, in addition to reducing carbon emissions by more than 75%. Converting just one petrol motorbike to electric is the equivalent of the carbon captured by 128 trees. 

We have successfully piloted an electric motorcycle and battery swap network in Kigali, with motorcycles in daily operation for two years and nearly 2 million km traveled. We have successfully raised $ 4M in venture capital. We are and are ready to further develop and scale up our tech and scale our operations. This is where you come in. The team has grown from a tiny, bootstrapped R&D garage project into East Africa's leading electric vehicle operation, with a team of 59 staff drawn from diverse backgrounds. We are rapidly scaling our operations, and we are looking for innovative professionals who are passionate about clean energy and environmental impact to lead and contribute to our rapid growth.

About the role

The E-Moto Sales manager will support our mission to serve our customers, the commercial motorcycle driver, better than any company on the planet. This position will handle the customer pipeline from discovery, to recruitment, to sales and training. The person will be in charge of effectively designing, and implementing systems and processes for the sales department. 

Roles and responsibilities

  • Direct management of our Sales teams including all aspects of sales administration and customer education.
  •  Data collection design, execution, and reporting of market research and customer insights to senior management.
  • Build and manage the customer pipeline, moving customers from first contact to receiving their products.
  • Coordinate sales and onboarding with production to ensure on-time delivery of products.
  • Experiment design and execution for marketing and sales trials.
  • Newmarket data collection and reporting to support organization growth.
  • Managing inbound customer inquiries and other requests.
  • Other duties at the discretion of Ampersand

Minimum requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • At least 5 years professional experience in sales administration, vehicles industry is a bonus
  • Ability to deliver results on time and on budget.
  • A strong work ethic and the ability to manage shifting priorities and unforeseen challenges.
  • Familiarity with experimental design and execution.
  • A high degree of comfort with quantitative analysis.
  • Professional comfort or higher with English.
  • (Bonus) Experience in a start-up environment.
  • Experience in sales or in the transport sector




A competitive compensation package commensurate with experience including health insurance

Job location

This role will be based in Kigali, Rwanda 

How to apply

Candidates should submit a CV and a cover letter detailing their interest and aptitude for this position by the link:

The deadline: 4th November 2021