Electrical & Control Site Supervision Consultant

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We are the first private company to establish a peat power plant in Africa and to produce peat at that scale. The company is owned by a Turkish investor, HAKAN AS, and  an international power company, Quantum Power, with a participation of a project development company Themis. As importantly the company can count on the support of the lead arranging bank, Africa Finance Corporation.

Position: Electrical & Control Site Supervision Consultant 

Job Description

  1. The Consultant will have primary responsibility for the oversight of all Control and Instrumentation (“C&I”) and Distributed Control System (“DCS”) installation and commissioning activities on the Project as the Client may require and deemed necessary to achieve Project COD and effective operation of the Project.
  2. The Consultant shall have prior experience of working on (construction and commissioning), but not limited to, DCS control, automation and communication systems, SCADA, metering and telemetry, battery and UPS systems, VFD’s, control valves, field SMART, digital and analogue instrumentation, field gauges, calibration methodology, commutation networking and protocols, DCS logic programming, telecoms and CCTV systems, boiler and turbine control and protection systems, CEMS systems, analyser systems
  1. Reporting to the Site and Sustainability Manager, the Consultant shall act as the prime interface between the Client, the EPC Contractor and its C&I and DCS installation sub-contractor.
  2. The Consultant shall familiarise himself/herself with both the Clients Specification and the EPC Contractors Design Basis and shall verify that the Design Basis is in accordance with the Specification. In the event of conflicts, the Consultant shall with the assistance of the Site and Sustainability Manager and acting reasonably, but in the interests of the Client, mutually resolve such conflict with the EPC Contractor.
  3. The Consultant shall ensure that the C&I and DCS installation is being constructed in accordance with the Specification by conducting daily monitoring to verify both its quality and that the EPC and its sub-contractor is installing the works as per the required schedule and just as importantly, safely. In the event that the Consultant discovers the EPC Contractor or its sub-contractor is blatantly not following the design or specification, the Consultant will raise, and be responsible for closing out Non-Conformance Reports.
  1. The Consultant will expedite, review and approve quality inspection and test plans submitted by the EPC Contractor and its sub-contractor.
  2. The Consultant shall be responsible for witnessing such tests as may be required by the EPC Contractor and its sub-contractor, and for signing off and accepting test protocols to verify that the test requirements have been satisfactorily achieved.
  3. Should the Consultant discover any design errors during the installation the Contractor shall raise the same with the EPC Contractor and work with the EPC Contractor to resolve such problems at the site and verify that field change notifications are raised if necessary?
  4. The Consultant together with the Clients O&M personnel shall witness all commissioning and facility hand over tests and where applicable reviewing the results of the same to ensure the facility is able to achieve its performance requirements stipulated in the Clients Power Purchase Agreement.
  1. The Consultant will liaise with the power utility in respect connecting the power plant to the electricity utility switchyard and partake in meetings with the utility.
  2. The Consultant will be able to provide design input to the EPC Contractor to integrate sub-systems for equipment procured by the Client but requiring tying into the power plants main DCS control system.


  • Masters or it's equivalent in electrical engineering
  • More than twenty years of consolidated experience in control, instrumentation and industrial automation, specializing in commissioning activities associated with power generation and large industrial facilities.
  • A wide range of experience working with diverse multi-national teams


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