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Jasiri Talent Investor
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Program Description

Congratulations on being brave (JASIRI) and taking the first step to apply for the one-year, fully funded Talent Investor for aspiring entrepreneurs!

The Jasiri Talent Investor invests in and focuses on individuals first before companies, teams, or ideas. The program guides selected Jasiri Fellows throughout all stages of venture creation from Ideation to business formalization.

We are looking for highly driven individuals with a history of achievement and/or entrepreneurial action who aspire to launch a high-growth venture.              

Is this for you? Are you able to launch an innovative business solving difficult problems and create great impact if given the right resources?    

We invite you to apply and through the various selection processes, demonstrate what makes you the next high-impact entrepreneur who may come up with Africa’s next high-growth venture!

Job Requirements:

Please find below a description of the Ideal Candidate:

  • You have a desire and commitment to build an innovative high-growth venture - which is referred to as a Market Creating Innovation.
  • You are a team player and are excited to meet equally ambitious Co-Founders.
  • You have a demonstrable history of entrepreneurial action, which means:
  • You are able to identify opportunities and gaps in a sector of interest which may be turned into a high-growth venture.
  • You have a history of achievement and evidence of lasting impact wherever you have focused your attention.
  • You have significant insights and expertise in a field or industry as evidenced by your experience, achievements and academic qualifications.
  • You are a citizen of Ethiopia, Kenya or Rwanda, living in-country or abroad.
  • You are preferably aged between 25-35 years.

Important Note:

  • Women entrepreneurs are highly encouraged to apply.
  • Candidates living in the diaspora are also encouraged to apply.
  • The Jasiri Talent Investor program includes a mandatory 3-months residential intensive in Bugesera, Rwanda.

 Selection Process:

Step 1: Complete and submit your application

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis

Step 2: Complete the entrepreneurial intentions assessment within 7 days.

Successful applicants will move to the next stage i.e., receive an innovation scenario assessment link.

Step 3: Complete the innovation scenario assessment and submit a pitch video.

Successful applicants will move to the next stage i.e., receive a Psychometric test link.

Step 4: Take the JASIRI Psychometric Test.

Successful applicants who will make it through the Psychometric Test will move to the next stage i.e., Selection Conference.

Step 5: Attend the Selection Conference

Final Step: Announcement of the selected Fellows.

Selected candidates shall be notified of their admission into the program after the Selection Conference. Please note that Steps 1 to 4 of the Selection Process will take approximately 6 weeks.

How to apply?

Update your resume with the most up-to-date information demonstrating your potential to join the program and submit it to Job in Rwanda by clicking the "apply" button by 7th October 2022.

If you have any questions before you apply and/or are unsure about your eligibility, please do not hesitate to contact our HR-Job in Rwanda: +250 788 300 213.

Click on the APPLY button to send your application documents:
  • Your application will be sent to the employer immediately (Allowed formats: .doc .pdf .txt .docx)
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you few minutes afterwards
  • You can request any documents archived from our website (ex: a job description, a CV, a cover letter...)