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(EoI) Consultancy of Support in Implementation Phases of the Digital Ambassadors Program for MINICT (DAP/SAP)

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Express of Interest (EoI)


1. Context

The Government of Rwanda has embarked on developing a vibrant ICT eco-system through digitization of its services and facilitate citizens to access services online using ICT devices available in their home and their communities.  Services digitization reduces administration process and costs as well as data security, improves service delivery for better lives of the citizens, and increases productivity. Digital services are also being developed by private sector companies like telecommunication companies that are exerting efforts towards ease of payment transactions and transfer of money from one citizen to another using a mobile phone or a computer.

The Digital Ambassadors Program (DAP) is an initiative led by the Rwandan Ministry of ICT and Innovation (MINICT) aiming to increase the number of digitally literate citizens and their use of e-Government and e-Business services.  In alignment with the Rwanda Digital Talent Policy, DAP is expected to mobilize young ambassadors to transform the lives of 8,460,000 (eight million, four hundred and sixty thousand) citizens through digital skills and adoption of e-Services, driving inclusion and growth.

For the complementarity and sustainability perspective, DAP will leverage the existing Service Access Points (SAP) by deploying Digital Ambassadors to work in SAPs and deliver e-Services to citizens.

DAP’s delivery approach is based on the model of recruiting young women and men with entrepreneurship ambition to provide digital literacy training and act as catalysts of change in their communities. Digital Ambassadors (DAs) are recruited from among young social innovators and are deployed in communities throughout the country in order to directly train citizens in accessing e-Government and other digital and mobile services through Irembo Platform. By providing digital literacy training to members of their own communities, in local languages, and focusing on locally relevant digital content and services, DAP is expected to demonstrate the full value of the Internet. By extension, it will also enable citizens and business owners to benefit from newly installed broadband connections in their areas and catalyze mass adoption of e-Government, e-Business, e-Agriculture, mobile financial services, and others.

By the “Sustainable DAP model” the Digital Ambassadors should have the capacity to train citizens in digital literacy and have that allow them to deliver different services as agent of different corporates companies and organizations and benefits for different commissions from services delivered.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a federally owned international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations. GIZ has worked in Rwanda for over 30 years. The primary objectives between the Government of Rwanda and the Federal Republic of Germany are poverty reduction and promotion of sustainable development. To achieve these objectives, GIZ Rwanda is active in the sectors of Decentralization and Good Governance, Economic Development and Employment Promotion, Energy, and ICT (Information and Communications Technology).

The project "Digital Solutions for Sustainable Development"(DSSD) will advise Rwandan institutions on the implementation of the Smart Rwanda Master Plan (2016-2020) and its priority projects. The project aims at promoting the development of digital solutions in collaboration with sector ministries, local and international private companies, research institutions, and civil society. The development of those pioneering solutions will be supported and managed by a dynamic team of experts based in the newly created Centre for Digital Transformation DigiCenter - a project unit of DSSD.

The DigiCenter is a space dedicated at delivering impact driven digital solutions, developing the capacities of the local innovation ecosystem, and replicating / scaling-up digital solutions at regional and continental levels.

2.  Background

The Ministry of ICT and Innovation (MINICT) has deployed 110 Digital Ambassadors (DAs) in November 2019 located in different cells throughout the country. The Digital Ambassadors manage Services Access Points (SAPs) in all 30 districts in Rwanda and offer digital literacy skills to citizens. The program offers a lot of opportunities including:

  • Citizens training in basic digital literacy.
  • Access to resources such as access to a laptop, internet, office space, training rooms.
  • Access to training including customer care services, Government services available to the population through Irembo as well as how to deliver the GoR services and other e-Services.
  • Revenue generation through commissions from Irembo transactions, Mobile Money, Airtel money, Bank agents’ services transactions, etc.

To ensure a successful implementation of the sustainable model of DAP/SAP, MINICT would like to engage a competent organization to provide Digital Ambassadors recruitment/selection, coaching, management of trainings (ToT), advisory to the Ministry, management of Digital Ambassadors performance, and evaluation of Digital Ambassadors Program’ transformation impact to the community.   In particular, the organization must be able to help improve the sustainability of the project by shifting from a model of provision of monthly allowance to Digital Ambassadors to improve DAs self-reliance by maximizing the use and profitability of the resources at DAs disposal.

3.  Objectives of the assignment

The main objective of the consulting firm is to support DAP program by providing coaching and advisory to the MINICT to ensure necessary revisions to the program and improve the sustainability of the project ensuring self-reliance by maximizing the use and profitability of the resources at DAs disposal. Specifically, the firm will;

  • Advise MINICT on how to improve the sustainability of the Digital Ambassadors project through capacity building of DAs to run the Digi Centers profitably as well as proper management of the seed funding.,
  • With the support of MINICT, select the best digital ambassadors to go through the capacity building program as well as Co-create with MINICT a schedule to train DAs in the provision of digital literacy skills to citizens and manage Service Access Points (SAPs).
  • Develop Digital Ambassadors Program evaluation report.

4.   Expected outputs

The expected key outputs from the consultancy are the following:

  • Develop a scheme for DAs revenue generation through SAPs and how they can benefit from investment funding.
  • Establish a Digital Ambassadors selection/recruitment process and recruitment criteria.
  • Training of Digital Ambassadors and make continuous online trainings.
  • Develop Digital Ambassadors performance tracking tools to generate monthly reports (list of citizens trained by district, sector, cell) and list of services delivered to citizens through SAPs.
  • Develop Digital Ambassadors Program evaluation report.

5.   Scope and Methodology

  • Selection, baseline evaluation, and intake - Identify and do an initial assessment of the DAs skillset and desire to join the project, advise to capture the owner and business demographics as well as current status, the existence of any financial tracking tools, skill sets, etc. While ensuring a balanced portfolio of gender and location distribution, the consulting firm will provide:
  • Online application form for the Digital Ambassadors
  • Screening tool/matrix
  • Working with MINICT, review of applicants for final decisions
  • Analysis of the application and selection of data for insights.
  • Training - Based on the necessary health-based standard operating restrictions and tapping into DAs skills, the consulting firm will propose a virtual training program to be implemented digitally through webinars, videos, and interactive voice response modules.

          Training topics will include and are not limited to:

  • Doing Business in Rwanda (taxes, regulations, registration, etc)
  • Human-centered design (understand needs from a customer perspective)
  • Business Model Canvas (mapping the plan of approach for a business)
  • How to generate a business idea (exploring other services not yet identified in the current offering)
  • Bookkeeping (understanding finances in a simple and accurate way)
  • Coaching - After the training sessions, the consulting firm will advise and provide the necessary technical assistance to MINICT on the implementation of DAP.
  • Measuring Impact- The consulting firm will develop tools to measure impact and provide an impact assessment report.
  • Develop indicators in alignment with the theory of change to ensure efficient impact measurement and data analytics.
  • Develop a baseline and end-line survey tool, data collection, and analysis to identify trends or insights.

The activities and tasks to achieve the above objective and outputs will include but not be limited to:

  • Analyze the current DAP model and propose adjustments
  • Develop a detailed DAs capacity-building model (online).
  • Develop a tool to monitor DAs performance and train them on how to use it.
  • A detailed proposal on how they will do DAP impact assessment.

6.  Key deliverables

The Consultants will be expected to produce the following deliverables:

  • Inception Report: to be submitted within 5 days after the date of contracting, detailing the understanding of the assignment, approach and methodology, activities to be conducted, and roadmap linked to the above outputs.
  • Detailed recruitment plan: To be submitted to MINICT within 5 days after the submission of the inception report. This project plan must stipulate: selection criteria, testing methods, etc
  • Detailed Digital Ambassadors Training Plan: training content, types of training, and when training will take place.
  • Develop a Digital Ambassadors deployment plan.
  • Submit to MINICT reports of citizens’ trainings and SAPs activities.
  • Develop DAP impact assessment report.

All reports should be presented in English and in the following form: 3 spiral bound hard Copies and soft copies for each.

7. Assignment Duration

The consultancy input is expected to take an estimated period of expert days as per the table below:

The assignment will be divided into several phases and sub-tasks which are expected to last for a total of 165 expert days, from 05 October – 30 November 2020 with up to 82 expert days.

Objective (Tasks)


Inception report

up to 5 Working Days

Detailed recruitment plan for 80 Digital Ambassadors

up to 5 working days

Detailed Digital Ambassadors Training Plan

up to 5 expert Days

DAs training

up to 7 expert Days

DAs online training

up to 50 expert days

DAP Impact Assessment report

up to 10 expert days


The estimated expert time as per key responsibility is as follow:

Key Staff Expertise

Estimated number of expert days

Team Leader

up to 25 expert days

Business development expert

up to 25 expert days

Monitoring and Evaluation/Statistics Expert

up to 7 expert days

Business development Associate

up to 25 expert days

8.  Reporting and Coordination Assignment Framework

The consultancy firm will report to the Permanent Secretary of MINICT and will coordinate on a day-to-day basis with the Directorate General of Digital Transformation at MINICT. A team of two within MINICT and RISA will be assigned to assist the Consultants. The major activities of this team will be to:

Provide guidance to the consultant and regularly review and provide inputs to the work done.

  • Provide additional support and advice to the work beyond the EoI;
  • Facilitate the collection and distribution of all relevant information through document sharing and arranging consultations

9.  Requirements and Selection Criteria for a team member

The Consultant firm hired to conduct the work should have the following qualifications:

  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in developing strategies to improve skills and strategies to grow businesses and create jobs
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience working with businesses across Rwanda, including business development support and access to finance.
  • A minimum of 5 years of proven experience in engaging in large contracts to provide support to at least 30 entrepreneurs.
  • Strong understanding of Digital Ambassadors Program.
  • Extensive experience in monitoring and evaluation of similar projects.
  • Have good knowledge of the business environment and issues regarding the development of entrepreneurs and in online capacity development.
  1. Team Leader

 The team leader will be a high caliber professional possessing the following portfolio of international or Regional experience and qualifications:

  • At least a Postgraduate degree in either Economics, Management, Trade or related field;
  • A seasoned professional with at least 10 years of proven experience as Seasoned trainer and Coach for Small and Medium businesses, experience in managing projects, conducting evaluations/studies/ developing strategies related to the development of Private Sector;
  • At least ten years of combined experience of working with leaders from the public and private sectors to facilitate national economic development
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of current issues relating to skills development.
  • Demonstrate availability to a wide reach of networks relevant to the assignment.
  • Knowledge and experience in formulation of Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks;
  • Experience with working with local counterparts including skills and knowledge transfer, coaching and mentoring;
  • Fluency in English;

The consulting firm shall provide the CV of the Team Leader with concrete evidence of previous experiences of similar assignments & a copy of degree or certificates.

  1. Business Development Expert
  • A relevant Postgraduate degree or undergraduate degree in either Economics, Management, Trade or related field;
  • Proven experience of undertaking at least three similar assignments;
  • Strong knowledge of the Rwandan economy;
  • Proven experience working closely with management to both develop, shape, and ensure delivery of a robust and optimized engagement strategies.
  • Proven experience managing and growing similar functions, building processes, and frameworks around market strategies, cost optimization, and relationship management practices.
  • Proven experience leading strategic efforts with external stakeholders.
  • Knowledge and experience delivering a consistent and scalable pipeline of integrations for the product teams to effectively deliver on assignments.
  • Fluency in English;
  • Experience in Rwanda and/or Eastern Africa will be considered highly advantageous;

The consulting firm shall provide the CV of the Business Development Expert with concrete evidence of previous experiences of similar assignments & a copy of degree or certificates.

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation/Statistics Expert
  • A relevant Postgraduate degree in project Management, statistical methods, and analytics or a related field;
  • At least 7years’ experience in project management and project evaluation designing M&E frameworks, Performance Monitoring Plan relevant research designing skills plans
  • Proven experience developing theories of change, create relevant survey tools, and guidelines on implementation.
  • Proven experience with data collection assignments, developing indicators, data analysis, and generating insights.
  • Fluency in English;
  • Experience in Rwanda and/or Eastern Africa will be considered highly advantageous;

The consulting firm shall provide the CV of the Monitoring and Evaluation/Statistics Expert with concrete evidence of previous experiences of similar assignments & a copy of degree or certificates.

  1. Business Development Associate
  • Degree in Information Technology, management, marketing
  • At least 3 years of proven experience in digital marketing, management projects
  • Experience running business competitions,
  • Fluency in English
  • Experience in Rwanda

The consulting firm shall provide the CV of the 4.     Business Development Associate with concrete evidence of previous experiences of similar assignments if any & copy of degree or certificates.

  1. Submission of EoI

Only consulting companies are eligible to apply to this assignment, no individuals will be accepted.

EoI will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Company profile,
  • Relevant experience,
  • Strategies to assure agility, flexibility and responsiveness,
  • Personnel and,
  • Financial offer.

The EoI should contain the following:

For Technical Proposal:

 The structure of your proposal must correspond to the structure of the EoI. The EoI must be legible (font size 11 or larger) and clearly formulated. It is drawn up in English. The complete EoI shall not exceed 30 pages (excluding CVs)

If one of the maximum page lengths is exceeded, the content appearing after the cut-off point will not be included in the assessment.

  • A Technical Proposal with a brief description of why your company / consulting expertise should be considered as the most suitable for this assignment, relevant expertise, and a detailed clear methodology. The Technical Proposal should also contain the CV of the consultant. The CV shall not exceed 4 pages.
  • Proof of business registration (certificates) from RDB
  • VAT registration certificate ( if available)
  • Proof of successful completion of related assignments

For the Financial Proposal: 

The Financial Proposal indicates the all-inclusive total contract price, supported by a breakdown of all costs. The cost must be in RWF and VAT excluded.

Please submit your EoI documents in two separate envelopes (1 for technical offer and 1 for a financial offer) until the latest Wednesday 30 September 2020 at 4:00 pm, at the front desk of:


GIZ Office Kigali/Rwanda

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