EOI: Individual valuer to conduct the valuation for BDF assets and BDF PASP&RDDP GRANT projects”

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BDF, an independent company that was created in collaboration of the Government of Rwanda and the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD).

BDF is one of the implementing institutions of the National SME Development Policy and has been mandated to implement the “Access to Finance” objective.
It is also a pillar in the National Employment Program (NEP).


N° 006/CS/NCB/2019/BDF

 TITLE:  “Hiring an individual valuer to conduct the valuation for BDF assets and BDF PASP&RDDP GRANT projects”

I.    Background

Business Development fund (BDF) as part of the financial infrastructure was established in 2011 to promote SME development through the provision of financial services to enhance the lending mechanism of financial institutions. BDF’s role is to promote alternative financing avenues at reasonable costs to help small businesses access to credit by providing credit guarantees, Quasi-Equity support to start-up, managing matching grants, SACCO Refinancing, and business development advisory services.

It is against this background that BDF entered into a contract with SPIU-IFAD funded projects under the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources to manage different-matching grants in both primary and post-harvest handling on its behalf.

For effective and efficient management of the aforementioned grants, BDF is looking for competent and qualified valuers recognized by the institute of real property values in Rwanda (IRPV) to offer services of asset valuation, property valuation,  plant and machinery valuations, and other similar valuation services.

II.    Purpose of the assignment

  • To verify the respect of the work/s plan vis à vis of approved BoQs and technical specifications;
  • Checking, verifying and having full Control on all required administrative documents, including building/construction permits, land title documents, approved drawings and corresponding approved BoQs as in the contract between the business promoter and funding agency.
  • To verify the quality and the size of the works carried out with the approved designs;
  • To verify the conformity of the quality of the materials and equipment according to the specifications given in the business plan;
  • To inform the Administration of all the difficulties, modifications, provisions, and other decisions relating to works in the report;
  • To elaborate the reports of the project on valuation date/stage and submit it in 5 calendar days;
  • Special attention will be reserved to the valuer/s or his/their representative who visited the site to check “the as build of the project”. Here a note on respect of measurement and dimensions shall be attached in the valuation report. Main dimensions to report on are, but not limited to, at least, mean length, thickness, height, width, area, angle, for under structures and superstructures of construction.
  • To do contradictory attachments of executed works together with the client, these attachments will contain the executed quantities with unit prices approved in the BoQs of the Business plan. Real executed quantities on the planned quantities will give percentages of progress of a project. The percentage is turned into monetary value using the unit prices of the approved business plan BoQs. This value is the value based on the BoQs and is only for executed works compared to planned works. Works, for which quantities or specifications have changed to more than 10% without prior consent of the funding agency, are not valued.
  • To do valuation of BDF assets (immovable and movable) if necessary and provide a valuation report.

 III.    Assignment period


The assignment will be for one-year renewable upon satisfactory performance and the order will be issued when the needs raised.

IV.    Scope of assignment

  • Conducting a benchmark analysis.
  • Reviewing BDF staff job profiles, Number, Job descriptions as per the organisational structure in line with the mandate.
  • Developing grading and salary structure to be allocated to BDF staff in line with the assigned duties and responsibilities considering both Entry level, medium and maximum grading approach is recommended.
  • Presenting findings in a report to management and general board members.

V.    Consultant’s requirements

  • The valuer/s shall have at least a general experience of Five (5) years starting from the creation of IRPV and being registered in IRPV with a valid practicing certificate (2019).
  • The valuer will attach in his/her bid the proof of having an indemnity cover that is still valid (from a recognized bank in Rwanda or registered financial institution).
  • The qualified valuer must have at least three references in one or all of following domains of valuation conducted at least in the three past years:

i.    Storage facilities
ii.    Factory buildings
iii.    Equipment
iv.    Trucks (heavy & light)
v.    Motorcycles & tricycles
vi.    Machines
vii.    Water tanks (underground & plastics
viii.    Dam sheets


Interested Individual consultant may obtain more details in terms of reference  (free of charges) available at the reception of BDF Head Office located at M PEACE PLAZA, 5th Floor (in central town) from 08.00 –12.00 and 14.00 – 17.00 hours during working days or by writing to procurement@bdf.rw ;

The consultant will be selected in accordance with the BDF Procurement policy under the least cost method.

Expressions of interest in three hard copies (one original) and in English together with technical proposals and other required documents plus a sealed envelope of the financial proposal must be delivered at Reception of BDF Head Office, on or before 25/06/2019 at 3:00 p.m local time.

Expression of Interest will be opened the same day, in the presence of the consultants who choose to attend at 3:30 p.m.


The financial proposals must be in separate envelopes and will be opened only for the shortlisted Individual consultants.

Done at Kigali, on 10/06/2019


The Management