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( EoI) Production of photos and video content for SIAB and Eco-Emploi’s initiatives

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Expression of Interest ( EoI)

Production of photos and video content for SIAB and Eco-Emploi’s initiatives


The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a federally owned international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations. GIZ has worked in Rwanda for over 30 years. The primary objectives between the Government of Rwanda and the Federal Republic of Germany are poverty reduction and promotion of sustainable development. To achieve these objectives, GIZ Rwanda is active in the sectors of Decentralization and Good Governance, Economic Development and Employment Promotion, Energy, and ICT (Information and Communications Technology).

A.    General Context of Eco-Emploi and the Special Initiative Training and Job Creation (SIAB) 2020 - 2022

Rwanda aspires to improve standards of living for all its citizens in the Vision of 2050. The Vision will be effected through a series of seven-year National Strategies for Transformation (NST1), underpinned by detailed sectoral strategies that are aimed toward achievement of the SDGs. The NST1 came after the implementation of two, five-year Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategies—EDPRS (2008-12) and EDPRS-2 (2013-18), under which Rwanda experienced robust economic and social performances. The growth averaged 7.5% over the decade to 2018 while per capita growth domestic product (GDP) grew at 5% annually. However, the rate of unemployment and underemployment is still prominent. With strategies like the NST 1 and the Private Sector Development and Youth Employment Strategy (PSDYES), the Government of Rwanda is promoting skills development and the creation of off-farm jobs.

The programme for the Promotion of Economy and Employment (Eco-Emploi), as part of the priority area “Sustainable Economic Development” of the Rwandan-German Development Cooperation, is supporting these efforts. Eco-Emploi incorporates an integrated approach of technical and vocational education and training, labour market interventions, and private sector development and will be implemented between January 2020 and December 2022. The programme aims at employment-intensive growth in selected economic sectors, namely the wood industry, tourism & hospitality and film industry, with a special focus on digitalization. The economic empowerment of women, youth, and people with disabilities are a crosscutting effort in all activities of the programme. Eco-Emploi works towards achieving SDG 1 "No poverty", SDG 4 "High-quality education", SDG 5 "Gender equality" and SDG 8 "Decent work and economic growth”.

The Special Initiative Training and Job Creation (SIAB) project aims to improve the conditions for sustainable economic and employment growth in Rwanda and to promote investment. The SIAB together with the Rwandan partners facilitates interventions in the following fields of action: “The conditions for investments of European or international enterprises in Rwanda are improved; the capacities of Rwandan SMEs in selected sectors/clusters for sustainable, employment-generating growth are improved; the business ecosystem of selected sectors/clusters is improved”. The project provides advisory services and facilitates access to funding schemes and instruments for the development and implementation of business projects.

B.    Rationale of the Assignment

Videos and photos play a great role in documenting success stories and supporting marketing activities. For instance, professional videos and photos are powerful aspects in tourism marketing and different tourism partners invest greatly in this visual stimulation tool to influence potential tourists to visit their destinations while people with disabilities, working in different value chains, use videos to showcase and reveal their ability to perform different duties and hence influence some employers’ perception that disability does not mean inability.

C.    Objective, Process and Methodology

The objective of this assignment is to develop targeted marketing material for and with selected partner organizations of the Special Initiative Training and Job Creation (SIAB) program and Eco-Emploi’s program in Rwanda through the production of photo and video content which will attract respective clients and customers in Rwanda as well as internationally. In order to achieve this objective, the consultant is expected to perform her/his tasks as described below:

1.    Inception report and pre-shooting 

After signing the contract, SIAB and Eco-Emploi’s contact staff together with the partners, will brief the consultant with their initiatives and share their expectations on the outcome from the assignment. In less than 10 expert days after briefing sessions, an inception report with the overall proposed plan will be presented by the consultant, and the consultant’s flexibility is expected to amend the plans based on the priorities among the programmes’ initiatives. The production schedule must include key information, such as Location, scene/shot, equipment, needed people, date, and time.

In the course of the one-and-a-half-year contract, the consultant will work together with the SIAB or Eco-Emploi contact staff and partners to develop the content to be covered including (whenever requested) a script for the voice over for the videos as well as the text captions that will accompany the videos and photos at least 5 expert days before starting each field shooting.

2.    Videos and Photos shooting

Once the consultant’s plan and content have been agreed on between both SIAB or Eco-Emploi in collaboration with the relevant partners, the consultant will go ahead with the field shooting. She/he is expected to collect the best quality images and respect the agreed on plan and content while on the field. Both SIAB and Eco-Emploi will work closely with the consultant to ensure the smooth field work and coordinate with partners


What to consider in the field

  • The photographer and videographer must be fully equipped with professional grade photography / videography equipment with the capacity to deliver high resolution photos with 300dpi and high definition videos (HD 1080p at 30fps) including a drone to cover landscapes with aerial shots,
  • The photographer and videographer must acquire the required permission and the proof of the right to use drones throughout the assignment,  
  • The photographer and videographer is requested to ask permission when photographing the persons or situations described under the deliverables and will collect individual signed consent forms as per the GIZ privacy guidelines.
  • Any cost/fees related to the shooting will be covered by the consultant.

3.    Post-shooting work and Handover

After the field work, the consultant is expected to do some post-shooting desk work like editing and production of the photos and videos according to the initial plan and agreed on the final product. The drafts have to be presented to the Eco-Emploi or SIAB teams for testing and giving their feedback. The Consultant is expected to produce approximately 1,100 high resolution pictures and 13 high definition videos (average 3 min)

What to be considered while editing

  • All the produced photos have to be high resolution with 300dpi and videos must be high definition (3-5 minutes HD 1080p at 30fps with English/Kinyarwanda subtitles), and if requested - along with videos and photos compatible for different marketing platforms (Website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, printed A5 brochures/flyers and standard pull-up banners)
  • All the background music used in the video must be properly licensed and the producer should be able to show the permission proof to use them.
  • Using quality photo/video-editing software
  • Each photo should have its metadata with captions, copyrights, and other relevant information.
  • All the raw and final material after the assignment will be handed over to the Eco-Emploi program on a USB

4.    Photography training for the SIAB and Eco-Emploi’s partners

In the course of this one-year contract, the consultant is assigned to prepare and conduct a 5 expert days’ photography training for the designated staff from the SIAB and Eco-Emploi’s partner organizations. The consultant will assess their skills before the training and make sure they have advanced outdoor and indoor photography skills after the training. A final test will be conducted to prove the acquired skills and appraised by the partners.

D.    Deliverables

The consultant is expected to provide the below deliverables within up to 130 estimated expert days. Flexibility is expected from the consultant in case of amendments in the provided numbers and plans without changing the contract. For any change, the consultant will receive specifications for each video/photos tasks and will enter into clarification with the responsible Eco-Emploi/ SIAB contact persons on the requirements for that particular task.  

Eco-Emploi’s Tourism initiatives

  1. Congo Nile Trail: 100 marketing photos (High resolution with 300dpi) and 1 marketing video (2-3 minutes HD 1080p at 30fps with English subtitles)
  2. Africa Rising Cycling Center: 50 marketing photos (High resolution with 300dpi) and 1 marketing video (3-4 minutes HD 1080p at 30fps with English subtitles)
  3. Ride Rwanda (In the Kivu Belt Region): Capturing RR 2021 video and 50 marketing photos (High resolution with 300dpi), editing RR2020 footages into 1 short clip (1 minute, HD 1080p at 30fps with English subtitles)
  4. Community Based Tourism in the Kivu Belt: 300 marketing photos (High resolution with 300dpi) and 1 marketing video (3-4 minutes HD 1080p at 30fps with English subtitles)
  5. Nyanza Cultural Trails and heritage sites: 100 marketing photos (High resolution with 300dpi) and 1 marketing video (2-3 minutes HD 1080p at 30fps with English subtitles)
  6. Call for proposal projects in Kivu Belt: 100 marketing photos (High resolution with 300dpi)

Eco-Emploi’s Wood Sector initiatives

  1. up to 3 expert days work covering success story photos (High resolution with 300dpi) and 2 videos (4-5 minutes HD 1080p at 30fps with English subtitles)

Eco-Emploi’s PWD initiatives

  1. 100 photos (High resolution with 300dpi) and 1 video (4-5 minutes HD 1080p at 30fps with English subtitles) portrait PWDs in education and employment aiming to attract potential employers (mainly in wood sector, film industry, e-waste, tourism, and hospitality)

SIAB initiatives

  1. up to 5 expert days work photos (High resolution with 300dpi) and 3 videos (3-4 minutes HD 1080p at 30fps with English subtitles) covering the project initiatives.


  1. up to 5 expert days photography training for the designated staff from the SIAB and Eco-Emploi’s partner organizations

E.    Reporting and cooperation

The consultant will report to Eco-Emploi’s Audio-Visual component manager and work closely with the SIAB and Eco-Emploi’s contact staff for each project.

Freedom from third-party rights

The consultant warrants that all the photos are free from any copyright or other third-party rights that would prejudice the use of the photos to the extent described above. The consultant indemnifies GIZ against all third-party claims arising from the granting or exercise of the rights of use and shall reimburse GIZ for all costs incurred in connection with a corresponding legal defence.

Agreement on data processing and management on behalf of the client

Personal data will be processed on behalf of the client. Therefore, an agreement on “Outsourcing of data processing (AuV)” will be concluded with the contractor in accordance with Art. 28 GDPR. For this purpose, the technical and organisational measures (TOM) for compliance with the data protection requirements must be outlined prior to the conclusion of the contract. If the contractor has already been audited by GIZ in the past, an update in accordance with GDPR must nevertheless be sent. After a positive check, the contract is concluded with the AuV attachment.

F.    Timeframe of the assignment 

Timeframe of the assignment is up to 130 expert days, from November 2020 to May 2022

G.    Key characteristics of consultant

The consultant

  • Has to prove at least 5 years in indoor and field photography and video production
  • Has to prove at least 5 marketing productions, which are targeting an international, regional and local audience
  • Previous productions in the above described sectors, particularly tourism, are a strong asset
  • Must be able to advise on video requirements and trends of different distribution channels (e.g. social media)
  • Must have the skills to produce according to different corporate design requirements
  • Must have the qualification to help people acting in front of a camera
  • Must be well equipped with professional grade photography / videography equipment
  • Must have good English and Kinyarwanda communication skills
  • Must be attentive in dealing with the content privacy and consents
  • Must have flexibility, patience, and passion in taking field images despite some challenges like the weather and terrain
  • Must have the ability to get along with people and the team work spirit
  • The company should be registered with RDB
  • The company should be VAT registered with RRA and also provide evidence of VAT clearance for the last five (5) months

H.    EoI & evaluation criteria

EoI will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Company profile,
  • Relevant experience,
  • Company strategies to assure agility, flexibility, and responsiveness,
  • Personnel and,
  • Financial offer.

 Submission of EoI

Individuals and companies are eligible to apply to this assignment.

The EoI should contain the following:

For Technical Proposal:

  • A Cover letter expressing interest in this assignment;
  • Technical Proposal with a brief description of why you would be considered as the most suitable for the assignment, relevant expertise, and a detailed clear methodology, on how will be your approach and complete the assignment;
  • The CVs shall not exceed 4 pages.
  • Company registration certificate (RDB) if available
  • VAT registration certificate if available
  • Proof of successful completion of related assignments.
  • Latest tax clearance certificate

For the Financial Proposal: 

The Financial Proposal indicates the all-inclusive total contract price, supported by a breakdown of all costs. The cost must be in RWF and VAT excluded.

Please submit your EoI documents in two separate envelopes (1 for technical offer and 1 for a financial offer) until latest Monday 28 September 2020 at 4:00 pm, at the front desk of:


GIZ Office Kigali/Rwanda

KN 41 Street / Nr.17 – Kiyovu

B.P 59 Kigali – Rwanda

GIZ reserves all rights