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Execution Works for the Construction of Community Hub for Children with Disabilities in Gatsibo District, Ngarama Sector

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Tender Title: Execution Works for the Construction of Community Hub for Children with Disabilities in Gatsibo District, Ngarama Sector

Tender Number: HHCR/CH/01/2020

Client: Hope and Homes for Children-Rwanda

Source of Funds: Hope and Homes for Children

Type: Competitive Tender

Hope and Homes for Children (HHC) has been operational in Rwanda since 2001 with a clear mission to enable children to experience family life and to achieve their full potential. HHC in its project “No child left behind” aims at transforming children’s lives by creating a pathway to family and community-based living for Children currently in institutional care. This project is piloting the closure of 2 institutions of Children with Disabilities (CWD). The former institutions will be transformed into inclusive Community Hub/ Day Care Center that will provide services to all Children including CWD from the neighborhood of the Community Hub.  One of the pilot institutions of CWD is Wikwiheba Mwana (WM) located in Gatsibo District, Ngarama Sector, Kabeho Cell.

HHC would like to invite, by the present invitation to tender, sealed bids from eligible individual/company for the construction of the Community Hub for CWDs in Gatsibo District. Participation is open to all bidders specialized in the Construction Field.

The compulsory site visit is scheduled for 29th June 2020 at 11:00 AM at Ngarama Sector. The bidders will arrange for their own transport to the site to be visited.

The details of bidding documents will be available at the Reception of the HHC Office from 30th June 2020. Any willing bidder will withdraw the bidding documents upon presentation of a bank slip of Twenty Thousand Rwandan Francs (20, 000 RWF)not refundable, paid on the account No 25044399001 located in I&M Bank of Hope and Homes for Children.


Any interested qualified bidder will submit well printed and properly bound and presented in two copies of its technical and financial proposals in two separate sealed envelopes addressed to the Country Director of Hope and Homes for Children deposited at HHC office NOT later than 09th July 2020 at 05:00 PM. The envelopes should clearly indicate the tender title. In addition, a CD Room for Bill of quantities is required. The opening of bids will be done in public on 10th July 2020 at 10:00 AM at HHC Office.

For any clarifications regarding the tender, please email to


Done at Kigali, 24th June 2020


Approved by:




Country Director